A water bubbler sitting next to cannabis nuggets

A dispensary’s main customer base is composed of cannabis enthusiasts who are looking to stock up on their premium bud and the accessories they need to enjoy it. But while your demand may remain steady year-round, special events like holidays can be an excellent way to boost your profitability with gifts that appeal to smokers in your area (or those shopping for gifts for them). But what types of products should your dispensary be carrying? What are the best gifts for weed smokers? Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for smokers that you should always have on hand!

1. Cannabis Spray

While there are plenty of cannabis enthusiasts who are very open about their smoking habits, there are others who may be looking to be more discreet once they’ve finished a smoking session. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that these types of individuals will find use for. One of the best gifts for weed smokers looking to keep their activities discreet is cannabis spray. A high-quality cannabis spray will eliminate odors in the air as well as on surfaces so that smokers can rest assured there’s no lingering smell of weed once they’re finished smoking. 

2. Stash Boxes

Stash boxes are products that serve numerous purposes. For cannabis enthusiasts in shared spaces or with a family, a stash box ensures that their premium bud and accessories are safe and accessible only to those who use them. Stash boxes also make it easy to properly store tools and keep bud fresh once a smoking session comes to an end and it’s time to put everything away. Whether someone is looking for a stash box with a lock, built-in foam to fit products like dab rigs, or other features, these gifts for weed smokers are sure to be a hit with your customers.

3. Rolling Trays

Sometimes, the best gifts for smokers are the simplest. An excellent example of this is rolling trays. Rolling trays are perfect for cannabis enthusiasts who like to roll their own blunts or joints and who find trying to do it on other surfaces to be a messy process. However, this is just one function of rolling trays you can find today. There are other rolling trays that feature a wide range of organizational accessories so smokers can easily store all of their tools. Whether your customers love wooden trays, metal trays, or something else entirely, these simple gifts for weed smokers are excellent. 

4. Cannabis Vapes

Vaping is convenient. In today’s modern world, there’s a wide range of vape products for cannabis enthusiasts to use. If you have a lot of customers that enjoy dabbing, products like dab straws and dab pens are the way to go. If you have those who enjoy herb but don’t want to light up, dry herb vaporizers are the answer. Meanwhile, there are those who want something more convenient like a disposable THC oil vape that they can take with them no matter where they go. Modern gifts for weed smokers like vapes will fit right in with your premium bud products. 

5. Customized Cannabis Accessories

Customized gifts are often the best gifts for smokers. Why? While foundation tools like grinders, hand pipes, and other products are great for beginners, those who are more experienced or collectors want products that match their unique smoking aesthetic. Pretty much everything can be customized as well. From rolling trays depicting famous characters or brands to cannabis t-shirts with funny punchlines, a customized gift is something every cannabis enthusiast and their friends will be looking for. If you have the right machines, you can make these gifts for weed smokers in your very own shop. 

6. Pre Rolls (Joints and Blunts)

Not all gifts are tools. In fact, cannabis enthusiasts love to receive products that they can use whenever the mood strikes, like pre rolls. Pre rolls are convenient and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Of course, not all pre rolls are built the same. Making sure that you’re catering to your customer’s needs and meeting their expectations begins with sourcing high-quality pre roll cones, pre roll tubes, and pre roll packaging. Here at The Cones Factory, we can even help you customize your pre rolls to add your brand to your cones and packaging. Make sure to have plenty of the best gifts for weed smokers on hand!

If you’re ready to enhance the customer experience and elevate your brand, The Cones Factory is here to help! We have extensive experience working with dispensaries and providing them with high-quality, bulk or customized pre roll cones and packaging. We also offer factory direct pricing, fast lead times, and excellent customer service. Get started now or contact us if you need any support.