Rose Petal Cones

Our rose petal joint cones are for smokers who like to put their pinky up. 100% organic rose petals are handcrafted into sturdy rolling cones made to fit up to one gram. The golden-finished filter exudes class, making them ideal to light up at even the most luxurious occasions.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more unique, elegant option for your customers than our rose blunt cones. The organic petals are 100% biodegradable, with no pesticides or chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Rose Petal Cones

Rose Petal Cones for Smoking in Style

No other product for smokers is made with such beautifully handcrafted care. Our rose blunt cones are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and be prepared for any special occasion. Whether on a date or at a special event, rose petal joint cones elevate the smoking experience. These cones have no artificial flavor or coloring, perfect for those who prefer an organic experience.

Variety, Quality, and Convenience from The Cones Factory

We’ve been in the pre roll industry since 2016, and our experience has taught us how to make products for your business that customers actually want. As a direct manufacturer of all our pre roll products, we offer our partners factory direct pricing, super quick turnaround times, and low minimum orders. Our inventory will never go out of stock, and we can create custom pre roll tubes and packaging exactly how you want it. Get started with The Cones Factory today and offer your customers reliable, premium-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rose petal cones also sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly?

On top of being biodegradable, our rose petal joint cones, like all our products, are FSC certified, sustainably sourced, and environmentally friendly. 

Do the rose blunt cones fit in knockboxes?

Yes, all of our pre rolled papers, including blunts and cones, fit in the standard knockboxes. If you have a custom knockbox used for filling, contact us to talk about custom sizing.

Are the rose petal joint cones part of the pre rolls sample packs?

Our pre rolls sample pack includes your choice of unbleached hemp papers, classic refined papers, and hemp blunt wraps in a range of sizes. Though our rose blunt cones are not included in the sample pack, we offer the lowest minimum orders in the business, so you can buy without breaking the bank.