Bulk Pre Rolled Cones

The cannabis industry is booming. More and more customers are shopping for pre rolls, so you need a reliable supplier for your pre rolled joint papers. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto you. Buying rolling cones in bulk saves you money while ensuring your business is prepared no matter the demand. That’s a real advantage in this competitive market.

Bulk Pre Rolled Cones

Benefits of Our Pre Rolled Cones

Pre rolled joint papers come with several advantages for your enterprise:

  • They offer consistent premium product quality 
  • They’re convenient and versatile 
  • They’re faster to fill, saving you prep time
  • They’re in constant supply because we have our own production facility

Why The Cones Factory?

Why should you choose The Cones Factory for your rolling cones? When you purchase rolling cones in bulk, you eliminate costly delays due to unpredictable arrival times. Having custom cones and packaging on hand will keep your customers coming back for more. We offer a wide variety of choices for your inventory. You can optimize your selection by:

  • Size and color
  • Type of paper 
  • Herb capacity
  • Your brand

Order Today

We’re dedicated to quality and affordability while ensuring sustainable manufacturing practices. All our products go through a three-phase testing process to ensure we only sell you premium products. Our prices are incredibly competitive, but should you find a lower price, we guarantee to beat it. Ready to start buying your rolling cones in bulk? Contact us today to get started.


What are the Advantages of Buying Pre Rolls in Bulk?

  • When you order pre roll cones in bulk, you'll never run out of inventory, plus you can save money compared to purchasing papers individually. If you plan on selling a high volume of pre rolls, it typically makes the most economic sense to order in bulk.

Is There a Minimum for Bulk Orders?

  • When you shop with the Cones Factory, bulk orders start at a minimum of 800, to ensure we're able to offer the pricing and quality our customers expect.

How Can Pre Roll Papers and Cannabis Cones Help My Business?

  • Modern cannabis buyers expect quality and convenience and pre roll papers offer the ease and simplicity of a joint, rolled and packaged by a professional. Plus, customers are often willing to pay a bit more for the ease of a cannabis-infused pre roll, which means higher profit margins for you.