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Due to high popularity of our Hemp Wraps, our delivery times are longer than usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Style: Brown Hemp Wrap
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84mm Hemp Wrapper Blunt Cones

  • 26mm filter length
  • Hemp wrapper
  • 900 cones per box
  • 1gm fill capacity

At the Cones Factory, we control the production process, meaning we can offer the lowest prices on blunt cones and other products. We offer a price-beat guarantee, so if you see pre rolled blunt cones at a lower price, bring them to us. We’ll also match any offer you get online.

What Makes Our Blunt Wraps Special

All our blunt cones are FSC-certified food-grade paper, so you and your customers know they’re safe to use. Plus, we test all our products with a 3-tier quality testing protocol so you know each batch will be as good as the last. That standard also means you don’t need to worry about how they fit in your pre roll filling system because each is measured perfectly to fit the same each time.

Premier Quality and Service from the Cones Factory

We’ve been proudly serving clients since 2016, delivering top-tier service. Whether it’s blunt cones or filter-tipped glass wraps, our clients expect competitive pricing, exceptional quality control, and attentive customer service. They also expect custom labeling that doesn’t take months to process. At The Cones Factory, we offer factory-direct processing and reduced shipping costs on all our products, including custom cones. Get in touch today to get the best quality at the best prices delivered quickly.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum order for the 84mm blunt cones?

While we offer our blunt wraps wholesale, we still have a low minimum order threshold. No matter the paper type or size, you can order as low as 800 of all pre rolls. That includes our custom pre roll tubes, cones, and packaging.

What’s the difference between hemp and other rolling papers for pre rolled blunt cones?

We offer half-gram pre roll blunt cones in various paper types to fit your customers’ needs. Many people prefer hemp because it has the least additives and is more sustainable. Hemp also tends to have a slower burn rate, making the smoking experience last longer.

What’s your shipping policy and process?

Most of our products ship from our North American headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. However, our custom pre roll packaging and tubes ship from our New Delhi, India factory. Standard orders take a few days, while custom orders take three weeks or less to process and ship. Once your order ships, the shipment times will vary depending on your location. We have rush options available if you need an extra speedy order.

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