Pre-Rolled Cones

Every cannabis and smoking business is looking to gain a foothold in this rapidly growing industry. The Cones Factory is here to help you with all of your pre roll needs!

We are the pioneers in cone manufacturing automation. Using automation in our manufacturing process not only brings cost advantages but impeccable consistency.

The Cones Factory produces and sells pre rolled cones and packaging solutions for growers, distributors, and dispensaries. With over seven years of experience in the pre roll industry, we have the experience and passion needed to deliver you the premium products you need to make a lasting impression on your customers.

With the support of The Cones Factory team, you can create products like custom pre rolled cones, pre rolled tubes, and packaging to help you further brand your premium pre rolls. Order in bulk to make sure that you have plenty of supplies for your business.

Pre-rolled cones


Why work with The Cones Factory?

Besides being able to access the many excellent products and services listed above, we’re also reputed for our fast turnaround times — the average lead time is three weeks for a custom project. We offer a price beat guarantee so you get the price you deserve if you find something out there that beats our affordable pricing. Custom and bulk orders can take advantage of the lowest minimums offered — we can do custom orders for just 800 cones.

We’re here to ensure that you have the products needed to streamline the rolling process and offer you the customization services you need to develop an impactful brand that thrives. Ready to get started on your own custom order? Place an order request now! Need more information about The Cones Factory and our products before you get started? Contact us or visit our FAQ page to learn more! You can always visit our blog and news page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on The Cones Factory news, discounts, and beyond!