Pre Rolled Tubes

Our pre rolls are ideal for smokers who want an easy rolling experience. Rather than rolling up from scratch, customers get a perfectly cylindrical pre roll tube that they can easily fill up with bud for a nice, even burn. Our pre rolled blunt tubes are great for any occasion, whether you’re looking to roll up on the go or you want to maximize rolling efficiency. Our pre rolled tubes are made with 100% hemp paper, which means they are clean, healthy and all natural. Craft the perfect blunt or joint with pre rolls from The Cones Factory.

Pre Rolled Tubes

Why Customers Love Our Pre Rolls

Pre rolls make the rolling process simple and convenient. Rather than wasting countless blunt wraps or papers trying to achieve the perfect roll, you can get it done on the first try with our pre rolled tubes. Take them with you to parties or on road trips and roll up the perfect blunt.

Give your customers more flexibility to smoke on the go and not be limited by their rolling abilities. Our pre rolled blunt tubes are ideal for a variety of scenarios, offering the convenience and versatility the modern smoker expects.

Why Choose The Cones Factory

We’ve been serving customers since 2016 and in that time, we’ve learned what smokers really need. We also offer attractive benefits to our partners to ensure they get what they need from us. All of our pre roll products are manufactured in house, allowing us to offer special factory pricing to all our customers.

Shop with us and enjoy:

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Price Beat Guarantee
  • Pre Roll Expertise
  • Low Minimum Orders

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At The Cones Factory, we offer fast turn-around times, low inventory minimums and a price beat guarantee that makes us the best in the business. So, when you expect nothing but the best for your customers, come shop with us at The Cones Factory.