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Festive Cones- Pack of 800 Cones

Style: Christmas
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Festive Cones 

  • Paper - French white or 100% brown hemp
  • Size - Available in 109mm length with 26mm filter length

Our beautifully printed, colorful pre rolls give your customers a chance to smoke something special during holidays like Christmas. These rolling papers are perfect for special occasions or standing out in a crowd. Your customers will treasure their unique joint as a one-of-a-kind experience.

Expand your brand by diversifying your products and giving every single one of your customers what they want. The festive joint allows you to mix up the same old product and colors, with something that catches their eye. When your product selection is getting stale, mix things up with our classy festive joints. This is also a great chance to take advantage of the Holiday season and attract new customers.

Grateful today, and every day.

What Makes Holidays Special

During holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and 4/20, many consumers plan for time off from work to relax and be with friends and family. This is party time, and dispensaries often see increased traffic. Rolling papers with Christmas imagery, pre rolls with Halloween colors, and cones that catch the eye are perfect products for driving up sales. Savvy managers can use colorfully printed rolling cones for creating special sales to move flower that might otherwise remain on their shelves. Weed stores and dispensaries that fail to take advantage of holidays may be missing out on profitable opportunities. 

What Makes Festive Pre Rolled Cones Special

Rolling papers designed with Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s, and other holidays give your business and your customers something to talk about. Instead of offering the exact same cones as every other business, make your store stand out by offering a product that helps separate you from the competition. Our festive cones and custom pre roll tubes have filters and are made with 100% wood pulp and hemp for a premium smoking experience. 

Why Choose The Cones Factory

Since 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the most reliable and consistent pre rolled cone experience for businesses in Canada and the US. Our Christmas and holiday-themed rolling papers are a perfect example of our quality manufacturing process. We can provide a rapid turnaround time on cones, blunt tube wholesale orders, and custom products, with the lowest industry prices and comparatively low minimum orders. At The Cones Factory, we understand what you’re looking for, and our team of professionals can help you find the right product for your business. Shop our festive pre rolled cones today!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of these Festive Cones?

Our Festive Cones have a cone length of 109mm and a filter length of 26mm. This size ensures a pleasurable smoking experience.

Why are pre rolled cones more expensive than rolling papers?

Pre rolled cones can be more expensive than regular rolling papers because they require additional labor and more complex manufacturing processes. Pre rolls are one of the most popular and profitable dispensary products, whether they are made with Christmas rolling paper or regular rolling paper. 

How can festive pre rolled cones benefit my business during the Holiday season?

Festive cones are particularly appealing during the Holidays as they offer something different from the usual products. They can help attract new customers looking for festive smoking options or unique gift ideas, helping you sell more and expanding your customer base.

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