Blunt Tubes for Wholesale

Stock your shelves with premium blunt tubes for wholesale and choose between two classic sizes, 109mm and 84mm. All tubes are hand rolled by artisans who spend hours personally checking each tube for issues. Spiral tips on the end of each tube improves smoke flow leading to smoother pulls. Each one is made with 100% wood pulp and hemp pulp so you’ll have the best flavor without needing to worry about additives.

The Best Pre Roll Tubes for Wholesale

  • Every tube comes with a spiral tip that helps to improve the smoke flow and gives each user a sublime smoking experience
  • Each tube is made from 100% hemp pulp and wood pulp 
  • Artisans personally hand-roll each tube so customers can expect perfection each time they smoke

Why Choose The Cones Factory

You won’t find another company with as much experience in the pre roll industry as we have. We’ve been dedicated to bringing dispensary owners the best prices with the fastest lead times possible. It’s all made possible because we work with our own factory so we never run out of product, we always have factory direct pricing, and we can get our products in your hands at incredible speed.

You Deserve Better Products

Have questions about us or our blunt tubes for wholesale? Contact us today and get in touch with one of our pre roll experts who can help you pick out the best products or get you hooked up with some custom orders unique to your store. Order with us today