Blunt Tubes For Wholesale

Stock your shelves with premium pre roll tubes for wholesale and choose between two classic sizes for your blunts, 84mm, and king size 109mm. All tubes are hand-rolled by artisans who spend hours personally checking each tube for quality and consistency. They include spiral filter tips that prevent flower from going into the user’s mouth and aid the flow of smoke, leading to smoother pulls. Each tube is made with 100% natural hemp pulp and wood pulp that is free of artificial colors and additives.

The Best Blunt Tubes For Wholesale

  • Every tube comes with a paper spiral filter that protects the taste and improves the smoking experience
  • Each tube is made from 100% hemp pulp and wood pulp 
  • Artisans personally hand-roll each tube so customers can expect perfection each time they smoke

Why Choose The Cones Factory

You won’t find another company with as much experience in the pre roll industry as we have. We’ve been dedicated to bringing dispensary owners the best prices with the fastest lead times possible. There’s no middleman when you work with The Cones Factory, and we will never run out of products. We always have factory direct pricing and we can get our products in your hands at incredible speed. 

You Deserve Better Products

Have questions about us or our pre roll blunt tubes for wholesale? Contact us today and get in touch with one of our pre roll experts who can help you pick out the best products or get you hooked up with custom orders unique to your store. Order from The Cones Factory today, and see how our products can help your brand!


Why do you sell green and brown hemp tubes?

Green and brown hemp have different qualities, so make sure your dispensary carries both. Green hemp leaves are picked from younger plants, and brown hemp comes from older plants. This gives them a slightly different taste when smoked, and some users have a preference for one over the other. The hemp we use for our wholesale blunt tubes is a sustainable resource, free of artificial colors and flavors, and tested for heavy metals and pesticides. 

Do blunts have any advantages over joints or cones?

Blunts burn longer than cones and joints, so that is their biggest advantage. Our 109mm tubes, for example, hold two grams of flower, which is enough to share with a friend or friends. This size is good to take to a party or a festival. Slightly smaller, our 84mm blunt tubes offer a satisfying smoking experience as well, though they contain less weed. We have a cone size for every flower type and smoker.

Where do you make your custom wholesale pre rolled blunt tubes?

The Cones Factory headquarters are in North America, and we serve business customers in Canada and the USA. Our product is made overseas by master craftsmen skilled in the art of creating smoking papers and aided by sustainable practices and quality manufacturing processes. Our factory-direct connection eliminates the middleman, which keeps prices low, and reduces lead time for custom products. All wholesale blunt tubes, joint tubes, and smoking cones are lab-tested, contain food-grade material, and are free of pesticides and heavy metals. Make sure to request a free sample or get a mock-up today!