Pre-Roll Packaging

Your customer buys their pre-roll filled with your delicious herb, but they aren’t ready to smoke it yet. This is where our pre-roll packaging comes in. Our pre-roll joint packaging can hold one 1g cone, or two ½g cones. The tubes ensure the product doesn’t crush in a pocket, get wet, or encounter other troubles before your customer is ready for their sesh.

Why You Need Pre-Roll Joint Packaging

  • Certified child-safe
  • The tube keeps herb fresh
  • It suppresses the smell of your herb
  • Allows discretion when on-the-go
  • Convenient way to store pre-rolls for later

We value sustainable practices, which is why we manufacture our packaging with sustainable PLA plastic.

Work with The Cones Factory

Our prices are unmatched, thanks to our factory direct pricing. All our supplies have undergone thorough testing to ensure you receive the best.

If our stock pre-roll packaging options aren’t what you’re looking for, we are always ready to develop custom orders. All you have to do is describe to us what you need. We also offer private labeling at a competitive price to strengthen your brand identity.

Buy from Us

Our pre-roll packaging can be customized for your brand, just get in touch and we'll be glad to help out. Have questions? Contact our helpful team of experts for any clarifications. Cut out the middleman, save money when you shop joint tubes and more from The Cones Factory today.

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