Quality Pre Roll Packaging

Get pre roll joint packaging to help your clients protect their herb before they smoke. Many customers won’t want to light up the minute they buy their product, but if not properly contained, it may be damaged or lose its potency over time.

That’s where quality packaging comes into play. Our packaging can hold an entire 1 g cone or even 2 ½ g cones, allowing customers to keep their bud safe and sound. The durable tube ensures the product won’t get crushed in a pocket or backpack or exposed to any damaging elements. Keep your product fresh and safe with pre roll joint packaging from The Cones Factory.

Why You Need Quality Pre Roll Joint Packaging

  • Certified child-safe
  • Keep herb fresh and protected
  • Suppress the smell
  • Carry with confidence on the go
  • Convenient way to store pre rolls for later

Investing in quality pre roll joint packaging has the potential to skyrocket your revenue. It ensures consistent product quality, guaranteeing your customers a reliable and enjoyable experience each time they purchase from you. This fosters customer loyalty, increases brand exposure, and gives you a leg up on the competition. 

With 100% Hemp Blunt Wraps, French White, or Himalayan Tan Papers at the ready, employees can streamline production, reducing manual labor and cutting costs in the process. But that’s not all. At The Cones Factory, we wholeheartedly believe in protecting the planet, so we manufacture all our pre roll packaging with sustainable PLA plastic.

We believe in protecting the planet, so we manufacture all our packaging with sustainable PLA plastic. 

Work With The Cones Factory

As pioneers in pre roll packaging and manufacturing automation, we prioritize cost-efficiency and unwavering consistency in our pre rolled cones. Work directly with us, and you can streamline the process, eliminate middlemen, and get your unique creations into the hands of your customers faster. 

All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and durability. We even offer custom orders if you don’t find any packaging that meets your needs. 

Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. We can also add your brand name and logo to any products to help strengthen your brand identity.

Buy from Us

When you purchase from The Cones Factory, you’re making a well-informed decision that aligns with your values and quality expectations. With food-grade certification and organic options, you can rest assured each product is safe for consumption. The average lead time is just three weeks, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate our efficiency and responsiveness.

To establish your foothold, customize your pre roll packaging to market your brand and give customers something special to carry with them wherever they go. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts with any questions or if you need clarification. Save money on pre roll joint packaging and more when you shop with The Cones Factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pre rolls in high demand?

Pre rolls provide a range of options, especially with customized tubes. These long, hollow cylinders can be made from materials like plastic, cardboard, glass, or metal, ensuring the secure storage of joints and blunts. Dispensaries often use this type of pre roll packaging for branding and to maintain product integrity. 

What do you need for a pre roll?

To roll a pre roll, you’ll need cannabis from your local dispensary, a clean rolling tray or surface, a grinder (optional), pre roll joint packaging, a plastic tube from a cone pack, a tool like a chopstick for packing, and a lighter to complete the process. 

Where should I store pre rolls to keep them fresh?

For optimal freshness, it is recommended to avoid using non-airtight plastic bags or containers. Instead, consider utilizing containers with airtight seals, such as glass jars or those featuring silicone seals. Additionally, store your pre roll packaging in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to prevent it from drying out and to preserve its quality.

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