98mm Reefer (Thin) Cones

We continue to exceed customer expectations with the options we offer to accommodate many businesses in the cannabis industry. Our paper cones for smoking are available in Himalayan tan, French White, and even reefers made from the renowned 100% hemp, making the smoking session exceptional. We have what you need! Shop today from The Cones Factory.

98mm Reefer (Thin) Cones

The Experience and Quality

The 98mm papers are extremely slim cones and hold approximately 0.5g of herb. We are at the forefront of providing the highest quality paper cones for smoking, and we assure you that anything you order from us will undergo a three-step quality check process. 

You Can Make a Bulk Order

These are prepacked, with a box containing 800 thin cones going for as low as $56. Whether you are a retailer, dispenser, or a party planner, we’ll quickly process and dispatch your bulk pre rolls upon your request. We have competitive factory direct pricing and fast lead time. 

Buy from Us

Did you know we offer custom cones, as well? How great would it be to add your branding to the cones you sell? If you want to add our 98mm cones or other premium-quality pre roll products to your lineup, shop pre rolled papers and cones now! 

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What are the Best Paper Cones for Smoking? 

It all depends on your preference and the smoking experience you’re after. Some smokers prefer hemp papers because they are all-natural, while others prefer French white. Whichever papers you choose, make sure to always shop with a respected supplier like us so you know you’re using high-quality materials.

What are the Benefits of Slim Cones? 

Thin cones give you more control over the roll and burn more evenly if you only want to smoke a modest amount of herb. For instance, our 98mm cones are perfect for rolling up about 0.5 g of bud. 

What are the Advantages of Ordering Pre Roll Cones in Bulk? 

Ordering in bulk guarantees that you get a better price per unit. Our factory-direct pricing ensures that we can offer you the lowest rates available because there is no middleman charging a markup. Plus, bulk orders allow you to stay fully stocked and keep up with customer demand.