Pre Roll Sample Packs

At The Cones Factory, we manufacture and distribute unbranded/branded pre rolls, hemp wrap pre rolls, hemp wraps tubes, rose cones, pre roll packaging, CR joint tubes and much more, in different sizes, shapes, and paper to suit all your needs. If you want to try before you buy, our sample packs are the perfect solution. Get your hands on the best pre roll packs today.

Pre Roll Sample Packs

Quality Pre Roll Sample Packs

We offer a few different types of sample packs depending on what you're looking to try out.

  • Assorted Pre Roll Cones: Try out an assortment of cones including blunt wraps, hemp paper, rose cones, cones with graphic prints and more.
  • Assorted Pre Roll Tubes: Sample a curated selection of joint and blunt wrap tubes to determine which version your customers will enjoy most.
  • Assorted Blunt Cones and Tubes: Get a mixture of blunt cones and tubes in our most popular styles and prints.
  • Sample Pack of Pre Roll Cones and Tubes: Choose from either cones or tubes, pick one of four different sizes and select the types of paper you'd like to sample including hemp, french white, Himalayan, hemp wrap, rose or a mixture.
  • Custom Sample Packs: Tell us exactly what you want included in your pre roll pack and we will do our best to accommodate.

Trust The Cones Factory 

With so many options in the cannabis industry today, it can be difficult to know what to offer customers. Maybe you're interested in expanding your selection or you want to try out different strains and products but don't know exactly where to start. In that case, our pre roll packs are the best solution.

The Cones Factory is one of the most trusted names in the cannabis industry because we offer fast turnaround times, low order minimums and a price beat guarantee. We offer factory direct pricing that ensures the highest quality products at the lowest cost to you. Shop with us today!

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Still have questions or want to make a request for your sample pack? No worries, our dedicated customer support team is always available. Contact us today to get started.


Why Do I Need a Sample Pack?

  • At The Cones Factory, we sell pre rolls, cones and blunt wraps in bulk to ensure that we can offer the best prices with the highest level of quality. Our sample packs give you a taste of everything so you can find out what you like before you buy.

What Comes in a Sample Pack?

  • Our sample packs come with an assortment of our most popular papers, cones and wraps. The exact contents will depend on what options you select, but will include an array of different sizes, papers and designs.