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  • 100% hemp paper
  • Standard 84mm length
  • 26mm filter size
  • Efficient spiral filter design

Are your customers getting tired of rolling their own papers? Try out our 100% organic hemp cigarette tubes that are crafted by hand by our industry artisans. That means each tube out of the 200 box set was rolled by our team of experts. Our 3-tier quality control protocol ensures consistency for your wholesale cigarette tubes.

You might think you’re buying standard cigarette tubes wholesale but these hand-rolled tubes are much thinner than regular cigarette paper. That means your customers won’t be inhaling nearly as much paper smoke as they would with a traditional cigarette. Combine that with the 100% hemp paper and your customers will have a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Why Get Hand-Rolled Tubes

Our organic hemp cigarette tubes each contain a 26mm filter to offer a smoother smoking experience. These filters are specially crafted with a spiral design to improve the smoke flow efficiency. When your customer takes a drag of our tubes, their smoke will flow through our spiral design to allow a clean and smooth experience, compared to other brands where the smoke comes out all at once, overwhelming the smoker. You can get our cigarette tubes at wholesale prices by contacting us.

Why Choose The Cones Factory

At The Cones Factory, we have the luxury of controlling our manufacturing process which means we can provide all of our partners extremely quick turnaround times, industry low prices, and very low minimum order requirements. No matter what product you order, we will never go out of stock. We deliver premium products with sustainable production so you can count on us delivering your product when you need it most. Shop pre rolled tubes today!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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