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Custom Products

Take your branding one step further by tapping into an array of custom products that help you to establish yourself as a supplier that cares about the pre-rolls they serve their customers. Check out our custom cones, custom printed blunt wraps, and custom packaging!

Custom Cones

Custom Tubes

Custom Packs

Fill Your Custom Pre-Roll Needs Here

With many years of experience operating in the pre-roll industry, we know what it takes to create a product that will attract attention and satisfy the needs of your customers. Develop your range of custom pre-roll products with The Cones Factory.

Custom Pre-Roll Cones

Want to make your joints stand out and make them easier for you to pack? Design your own custom pre-rolled cones and get full creative control over the size, branding elements, and filters.

Custom Pre-Rolled Tubes

Our custom printed blunt wraps make for an excellent smoking experience, and allow you to focus on wrap size, branding, and filters when you’re designing your custom pre-rolled tubes.

Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

Focused more on the packaging your pre-rolls come in? Make your custom cones stand out with custom pre-roll packaging like glass tubes, pop-up tubes, slider boxes, and more.

No matter what you want from your pre-rolls, you can achieve it with our custom products!

Place Your Custom Order Now!

Ready to start creating the perfect custom pre-roll cones and pre-roll packaging? Place a custom order here at The Cones Factory for your custom pre-rolled tubes, custom pre-roll packaging, or custom cones and get quick turnaround times, low minimum bulk orders, and a price beat guarantee on our affordable prices. Your pre-rolls are waiting!