98mm Pre Rolled Cones (¾g and ½g)

At The Cones Factory, we produce the best 98mm pre rolled cones on the market. These cones and blunt wraps for sale have a 26mm filter and are very easy to fill. They also come with a capacity of ¾g and ½g for your choosing. You can get French White and Himalayan tan, but if you want to offer your customers something extra special, include the 100% hemp cones in your order. Natural, organic hemp papers create an undeniable, enjoyable difference, and guess what? It comes at no extra cost. Each box of these comes packed with 800 pieces for as low as $55. 

Tested and Proven

Like all our products, the 98mm pre rolled cones have undergone a three-phase testing process to ascertain their quality and consistency, so you will never be disappointed with your order. We produce premium-quality cones that precisely meet standard sizes so you don’t have to purchase additional fillers.

We Never Stop Satisfying You

From different sized cones to blunt wraps for sale, we manufacture products to suit smokers of all kinds. Looking for something more? Check out our customization options that will go a long way towards defining your brand identity. Branding is such an important part of growing your business, and we offer a simple, effective way to strengthen this.

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Please browse through our inventory to find your choice of products. Contact us if you have any questions or need clarifications. Our excellent customer care team is always ready for your message or call.