Sativa Pre Rolled Cones- Pack of 800 Cones

Size: 109mm


Pre Rolled Sativa Cones

  • Pre-labeled Sativa on every filter
  • FSC certified food grade safe
  • Ultra-fine French white paper
  • 100% hemp and wood pulp

Keep your shelves stocked at all times with our fast turnarounds. We work directly with our factory so we don’t have to wait on products and neither do you. Even our custom orders only take about 3 weeks to deliver. Ensure you don’t miss out on sales with The Cones Factory.

Having our own factory has its perks and we aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy them. We don’t work with a middle man and you don’t have to pay for one either. We pass all of our savings directly on to you. Find a lower price for your order and we’ll match it, no questions asked.

About Pre Roll Sativa Cones

We use ultra fine french paper in our pre roll sativa cones which means your customers will enjoy a smooth and even smoking experience. They have all been graded food grade safe by the FSC. The best part about these pre-rolls is they are labeled with Sativa on every filter. All you have to do is fill them up and your customers know exactly what type of pre roll they are getting. Our 109mm pre roll sativa cones are also cut exactly to size so they’ll fit your pre-roll loader so you don’t have to waste time doing it all by hand.

Why Choose The Cones Factory

At The Cones Factory, we’ve been working with dispensaries for years developing the best pre-rolls on the market. One of our biggest advantages is that we own our own factory. That means we have full control over the entire manufacturing process and we ensure every single pre roll is just as good as the last. That also means we offer some of the best pricing in the industry and our shelves are never out of stock. When you need an order delivered fast, there’s no better place to go. Contact us now to get your order started.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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