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TCF Cone Filling System

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TCF Cone Filling Machine

  • Fills up to 100 cones at a time
  • Adjustable vibration knob
  • Runs on 12V battery
  • Can fit multiple-sized cones

Save time and money with our state-of-the-art pre rolled cone filling machines. Produce hundreds of perfectly packed pre rolled joints and blunts in just minutes. A cone filler is a serious business hack because it eliminates the time needed to hand-fill your pre rolls. The faster you fill up pre rolls, the more sales you can make. Speed up production and reduce waste by investing in our TCF Cone Filling Machine. 

Use the system to fill up to 100 cones at once and adjust the speed to suit your liking. The machine comes with all the accessories you need to get started so you can get your product into customers' hands as fast as possible.

Fits Multiple Pre Roll Shapes & Sizes

Not only will you be saving time and money by using our pre rolled cone filling machines, you’ll also offer a greater variety pre roll shapes and sizes. The cone filler fits all of the different premium-quality pre roll cones, tubes, and blunt tubes wholesale that we offer. Your clients can enjoy pre rolled joints made with ultra-thin French white papers, 100% hemp and wood pulp blunts, and even custom pre rolled tubes with your company’s logo. The TCF Cone Filling Machine helps entice customers with a wide selection of flawlessly filled high-quality pre rolls. 

What Sets the Cones Factory Apart

We’ve been a trusted name in pre roll cones since 2016. What sets us apart is that we own our own factory, which means we can cut out the middleman and speed up the time it takes to deliver shipments. 

It also means we can offer lower prices than the competition and still deliver a superior product. Our years of experience have taught us what our clients need and what we can do to deliver every time. Shop our other products, including custom branded cones, today!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the TCF Cone Filling Machine work?

The TCF and other pre rolled cone filling machines use a vibrating shelf that holds hundreds of pre rolls in place. You slip the pre rolls into individual slots and then secure them with a perforated lid. Place your ground-up flower on the lid and start the vibrating motor. The weed easily falls into the slots and then can be tamped down to ensure even and consistent packing. 

Why should I offer pre rolled joints and blunts?

The consumption of pre rolled joints has grown exponentially over the last few years. Pre rolls are only outsold by flower itself. Right now, the time is ripe for expansion as no single brand of pre rolls dominates the market. Investing in a cone filler will allow your business to take advantage of this niche opportunity.

Is a cone filler worth the cost?

Absolutely! Cone filling machines yield consistently higher sales prices, create remarkable long-term cost savings and provide better margins for your business. They allow you to produce consistently high-quality pre rolls that save your business time and money. 

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