Pop Up Plastic Tubes

Pre roll tubes offer protection for joints so they don’t get squished or wet. At The Cones Factory, we have different sizes to choose from, including 90mm, 98mm, and 116mm, and different color selections. We rigorously test our packaging to ensure it’s child-safe and certified as such. Having been in operation for many years, our factory brings you the best tubes on the market at subsidized factory direct pricing.

Why Our Joint Plastic Tubes?

  • Constructed from reliable, sustainable PLA plastic
  • Waterproof to prevent damage to the herb
  • Airtight to keep the herb fresh (and the smell away)
  • Child-resistant caps
  • An opacity of 100% to keep light at bay

Customization And Private Labeling

We go the extra mile to provide customization solutions for pre roll tubes and other products. With this service, you can tell us what you want and we’ll produce it to fit your brand. Our private labeling service lets you stand out as a distinct brand, putting you in a better position to win the loyalty of more customers.

Make Your Order

For these premium-quality pre roll tubes and other great products, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices on the market and our amazingly fast lead time. We are even willing to beat any cheaper price that you find out there. Start your branding project with us today — we’ll be happy to help you. Contact us to talk to our excellent customer support. 


Can I put a lit joint in a plastic joint tube?

These products are not designed for exposure to high heat or flame, so a lit joint, or a cone or blunt that is smoldering, may melt the plastic (depending on how hot it is). We don't recommend them for storing lit material of any kind. However, once extinguished, you may store your partially smoked joint or pre roll in a tube to protect it from damage. Make sure to stock them at your dispensary for every smoker who needs one!

Can I use a tube to store weed?

Yes, but you may find them limiting due to their size. They are airtight and waterproof and are designed for storing any standard pre roll cones, joints, and similar materials. They are made of durable, biodegradable PLA plastic that is made from sustainable organic resources. Each tube is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or bag.

How long does it take to get private label pre roll tubes?

Our colorful and innovative packaging solutions may help you increase brand awareness, and custom labeling is an affordable way to promote your business. Contact our customer service staff now to discuss details. Our factory direct operation gives us fast turnaround and excellent cost containment, and most orders can be ready in about three weeks. To see how custom labeling looks, order a sample pack today or request a free mock-up with your artwork.

How long do PLA plastic joint tubes last?

If you don't find some way to break them, these protective tubes will function for years. And when the time comes to part ways, you don't need to feel guilty for throwing plastic in the trash. These PLA pre roll tubes biodegrade into harmless organic compounds in just a few years when commercially composted.