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Lotus Petal Cones - Pack of 70 cones

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Looking for rolling paper substitutes? Our all-natural, lotus petal pre rolled cones are gaining the attention of eco-conscious smokers everywhere.

No harmful chemicals, pesticides, artificial dyes or artificial flavoring used.

Product Features

Handcrafted rose petals molded into a pre rolled cone.

  • 100% All-Natural
  • Made from Organic Lotus Petals
  • Sealed Package for Absolute Freshness
  • Biodegradable

Cones are a great way to enjoy smoking a joint without the hassle of rolling it, and lotus flower pre rolled cones offer a delicious alternative to other types of pre rolled blunt wraps and joint papers. They burn evenly and cleanly and make a perfect rolling paper substitute that may help free your lungs from paper fumes. When considering the alternative rolling papers, keep these beautiful products in mind.

Lotus flower petal pre rolls can add color, flair, and a subtle floral touch to any smoking break. They can brighten any setting and you’ll never lose track of your joint in a crowd, making them perfect for sharing. Showcase your weed with these quality-certified rolling cones

Premium Rolling Papers

These handcrafted cones are sustainably harvested and manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality controls. All our papers are tested for heavy metals and pesticides according to the latest regulations of California Law & Health Canada. We use regular testing to make sure our products stay free of contamination, and testing results are available on request. Every package is sealed to protect freshness.

Choose The Cones Factory

The Cones Factory is your direct-from-the-factory source for pre rolled substitutes for rolling papers. We have good prices on bulk orders and low minimum order quantities. We specialize in custom joint packaging and branding solutions that can help your farm or dispensary grow. Let us provide you with top-shelf products to match your top-quality flower. 

Along with pre rolled lotus flower and rose petal cones, we carry a selection of premium quality papers, including 100% hemp papers and blunt wraps. 


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of lotus petals?

Most paper produces harmful chemicals when it burns. Lotus flower petals are filled with microscopic air pockets that reduce the total amount of plant matter being combusted. This means you inhale less smoke, making these excellent rolling paper substitutes.

Are lotus petals edible?

Many parts of the lotus are edible, including the flowers. Some Asian countries use lotus in their culinary traditions, and the flavor of lotus root is mild and earthy. Lotus contains antioxidants that can help your body fight cell-damaging free radicals. 

How are lotus petals harvested?

Lotus plants grow in water and their flowers can be sustainably harvested by hand. Individuals wade between plants and collect petal-filled buds from the stolon, or runner. During the prime days of summer, flower buds may be harvested every 2-3 days. Fresh petals gained this way are in the perfect shape and state we need for our lotus flower pre rolls. These quality petals make our product a great substitute for rice or hemp rolling papers. 

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