All our papers are produced by one of the most coveted mills in the world. The paper mill is located in a small mountain village near the French Spanish border. It's been more than 200 years since this mill has been producing rolling paper, it is a difficult art passed on from one generation to another. They have created a paper exclusively for us in order to produce the balanced tasting and cleanest burning pre rolled cones. Top brands across the world trust The Cones Factory with their custom pre rolled cone needs. We pride ourselves on our top quality, fast lead times, and customer service.

Pick from a wide array of papers :

  • French White
  • 100% Hemp
  • Himalayan Tan
  • Hemp Wrappers
  • Printed/ Colored Papers


FSC certified Food Grade Papers

We use only the highest quality materials for our pre rolled cones and that is why The Cones Factory papers are not only best when it comes to smoking but our papers are one of the most heavily compliant as all the major guidelines pertaining to Health Canada and FDA have been followed. Besides, our papers are sustainably sourced making them FSC certified.

Slow & Even Burning

All our pre rolled cones feature a straight gum-line – this extra manufacturing step means that our cones are guaranteed to burn evenly and smoothly. A straight gum line means excess paper was removed so that only the exact amount of paper needed is used. With our straight gum line your customers smoke less paper and taste more flower.