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Doob Cube Filling Machine

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Doob Cube Pre Roll Machine

  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Fits up to 247 pre rolls 
  • Includes built-in motor
  • Includes sifting screen
  • Fits 60mm to 110mm cones

Our Doob Cube pre roll cone filling machine is a top of the line cone filler that lasts a lifetime. It comes with a sifting screen that helps remove unwanted seeds and stems. The built-in motor effortlessly vibrates your weed through the sifting screen and into your pre rolls. The Doob Cube fits a variety of pre roll cones, joints and blunts from 60mm to 110mm in size. You can even increase your output by installing more cone plates. The pre roll machine also comes with a squeegee, poker, and brush for easy packing and cleaning. This indispensable tool will save your company serious time and money. Invest in your success today!

The Finest Pre Rolls on the Market!

Don’t forget to stock up on premium pre rolled cones to go with your new pre roll cone filling machine. At the Cones Factory, we manufacture the finest pre rolled papers on the market! Our factory is ISO 9001 certified. Each batch of pre rolls even comes with a quality and food grade certification. So you know your clients are getting the absolute highest standard papers available. Our materials are sustainably sourced and provide the smoothest smoke possible. So whether you’re looking for hemp blunt wraps or reefer tubes, the Cones Factory has got you covered. 

Customized Service

We understand how painful slow service can be. While you’re waiting for your products to be delivered, you’re missing out on valuable sales. That’s why we offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry. Even custom pre roll packaging orders only take about 3 weeks to be delivered. Quit spending more money on products than you need to. We work directly with our factory, so there’s no middleman. That means that we pass on all our savings to you. Never overpay for another product again when you shop with The Cones Factory!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a pre roll machine work?

These machines are very easy to use. They’re an extremely efficient way to achieve perfectly packed and evenly filled pre rolls every time. To use one, simply fill each slot with a pre rolled cone, blunt, or tube, then place the sifting screen on top. Sprinkle your ground-up flower on top of the screen and turn the motor on. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have up to 247 filled pre rolls. All you have to do is use the included packing tool to tap down each joint and then seal them. Instant perfection every time!

Are there any advantages to using a pre roll cone filling machine?

Yes, there are several advantages to using a Dube Cube. The biggest one is that using a filling machine saves you a lot of money on labor costs. Packing pre rolls by hand is very time-consuming and can have inconsistent results. With a machine, you know exactly how much flower will be in each pre roll every time. This increases the value of your pre rolls and provides a significant return on your investment. 

Should I offer pre rolls to my customers?

Absolutely! Data shows that pre roll sales are steadily increasing every year. This is due to the fact that many new people are being introduced to cannabis and hemp products. Rolling joints by hand is very difficult and takes the skill of a seasoned smoker. Using a pre roll machine to offer your customers perfectly packed pre rolls that smoke evenly and hit smoothly every time is one of the best investments you can make. 

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