109mm Cones (1g)

We offer the best 109mm cones with a fill capacity of 1g. With these, you are sure to give your customers a sensational smoking experience. We have cones for all preferences based on paper type, color, and more. These king-size cones come with a 26mm filter that provides an easy filling process. Shop 109mm cones from The Cones Factory today and get served directly without the intervention of middlemen.

Benefits of Our 109mm Cones

  • We have cones made with 100% organic hemp that provide a smooth burn and an undeniable taste.
  • Our French White cones are made with premium-quality Himalayan tan paper for a superior product.
  • Our 109mm cones are made of hemp wrapper that is well-known for its consistency of taste and smooth burn.

Why You Should Choose Us

We serve all cannabis enthusiasts, including certified dispensaries, growers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers. If you have been looking for the best pre rolled king-size cones, you’ve found them. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best factory direct pricing. And we have a price-beat guarantee in case you do find better pricing! Here at The Cones Factory, we value fast lead time and excellent customer service.

We Are Happy to Serve You

We have worked with top brands across the world in our many years in the industry. We do our best to accommodate every type of business by providing diverse options and customization. Buy your 109mm cones and other products now, or contact us to talk to our excellent customer service for clarifications.


What sets your 109mm cones apart in the market?

Our 109mm king-size cones stand out due to their premium-quality French White paper and 100% organic hemp wrapper. This combination ensures a smooth burn and consistent taste, elevating the smoking experience. 

How does private labeling work with your 109mm cones?

Offering private labeling, we allow businesses to brand our high-quality cones as their own. This service is a significant part of our operations, catering to dispensaries and growers looking for a personalized touch. 

Is there a minimum order quantity for these cones?

Our goal is to accommodate various needs, offering low minimum orders. For custom projects, quantities can be as low as 800 cones, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. 

How quickly can we expect delivery for king-size cones?

We dispatch orders within 2-3 days. Delivery times range from 2 to 14 days, depending on location. At The Cones Factory, we strive for efficiency to meet your needs promptly.

Do the 109mm cones come with any certifications?

Yes. Our refined white pre rolled cones boast quality and food-grade certifications, affirming their safety and quality. 

Can you explain the benefits of pre rolled cones for cannabis dispensaries?

For dispensaries, our king-size cones are easy to fill and handle, enhancing productivity. Their consistent burn and taste appeal to customers seeking a premium experience, making them a valuable addition to any product line. 

Do your cones come with any filters?

Yes, each of our 109mm cones includes a 26mm filter, facilitating easy filling and contributing to a smoother smoking experience. 

What paper options are available?

Our high-quality cones are made with Himalayan tan paper and hemp wrap, both known for their quality and consistency. These materials ensure a smooth burn and an excellent taste. 

How does The Cones Factory ensure quality?

As pioneers in cone manufacturing automation, we leverage advanced technologies and rigorous testing protocols to guarantee cost advantages and impeccable consistency across our entire cone product line. 

What is the return policy? 

Customized products like our 109mm cones are not returnable. However, if there are quality issues or damage incurred during shipping, we will replace them to keep you satisfied.