King Size Cone Blunt Wraps

When your customers are asking for the biggest cone you’ve got, bust out the 109mm King Size Cone blunt wraps. These premium sized blunt wraps come in a variety of different paper and filter types. Each box comes with 800 cones, all cut exactly to size. We use our 3-tier quality testing system when producing them so you can ensure each one is crafted to perfection.

King Size Cone Blunt Wraps

The Bigger the Better

  • Each king size cone blunt wrap is cut to size so they’ll fit in any standard rolling system
  • Made with FSC-certified food grade paper so your customers stay safe
  • Variety of four different paper types to choose from to satisfy any customer
  • A variety of prices offered to fit any budgeting needs

Why Choose The Cones Factory?

We are able to offer some of the best lead times and prices in the business because we work directly with our factory. That allows us to manufacture your products fast and be able to deliver them to your store whenever you need. Not only do we have our product on hand, ready to go, but you can even order custom cones that have your branding and we’ll get it done within three weeks. 

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We’ve been producing cones since 2016 and have learned exactly what it means to deliver exceptional service to our clients in the cone industry. Contact us today to get an order started.