Spice up your filter tips by customizing with The Cones Factory. Tired of using the generic tips most companies offer? We can help give you an edge over the competition with quality, customized products designed to meet your needs.

Whether you’re looking for glass or wood tips, cigar brands, external wraps or joint filter tips, we have exactly what you need to succeed. Print your logo or brand name on your products and effectively market yourself to customers every time they smoke. Get the highest quality joint tips available, courtesy of The Cones Factory.


Paper Filter Tips

External Wraps Cigar Bands

External Wraps & Cigar Bands

Glass Wooden Tips

Glass & Wooden Tips

Benefits of Joint Filter Tips

  • Print your name and logo on each filter and market your brand to customers and their friends and take advantage of all the customization options we offer.
  • We offer five different options to customize your filters, so you can choose from multiple smoking methods that your customers may prefer.

Why Choose The Cones Factory?

The Cones Factory is proud to operate our own in-house production facility that enables us to cut out the middleman and offer competitive prices and fast turnaround times. Get your tips and other products when you need them, rather than waiting weeks or months for your shipment to arrive. We are always fully stocked with products, so you can depend on us to keep your shelves lined and customers satisfied.

Our Commitment to Service

We have a commitment to customer satisfaction that is unmatched in the cannabis industry. We’ve been in business since 2016, and in that time, we’ve learned exactly what our partners need. We have a dedication to doing just that and will stop at nothing to ensure you and your customers are satisfied.

Please contact us with any questions and our experts will be happy to help in any way that we can. Let us help you customize your inventory today!

Filter Tip Options FAQ

What is the purpose of a joint filter?

Filters preserve the structural integrity of the joint, so the end doesn’t get wet with saliva and prevent smoke from passing through. It also gives smokers something to rest their lips on and stops small bits of herb or ash from getting in their mouths.

Can you customize your joint filter tips?

Yes, with The Cones Factory, you have the ability to customize your filter tips with a wide variety of fun designs your customers will love, whether it’s your logo, brand name or just a unique pattern.

What types of filters are available?

We offer a wide variety of different types of filters to suit the unique tastes of your customers including wood filter tips, glass filter tips, paper filter tips and many more. Find everything you need to craft the perfect pre roll at The Cones Factory.