Stand out from the crowd with custom cones from The Cones Factory. With our customization options, customizing the perfect cones has never been easier. Craft the perfect pre roll with premium bud on the inside and your brand name on the outside to show your customers that you care about quality.

Design the Perfect Joint with Custom Cones

Order your ideal customized cones from The Cones Factory today. No matter what you’re in the market for, our customization process will meet your requirements.

Tube length: 

We can accommodate tubes of any length. Standard lengths most customers choose are 84mm, 98mm and 109mm.

Custom filter sizes: 

Filter-size is essential. It determines the amount of flower you can fit into a joint. Standard filter sizes include 26mm & 21mm.

Custom diameter: 

Adjust the diameter of the tube to suit your liking. Most standard diameters are between 9mm and 10mm.

Custom branding:

Customize your products with external branding on your cones. Either print it directly on the tube or emboss it on the foiling of your filters. We handle all of your custom branding needs.

Custom paper: 

Choose between unbleached hemp papers, hemp blunt wraps and classic refined papers for your pre rolls. Design your custom pre rolled cones in any way you please.

Custom filters: 

Enhance the smoking experience with spiral filters, classic W filters and wooden filters.

Tailor your custom pre rolled cones to meet your exact needs with countless options available

Get Started with The Cones Factory

Take your smoking experience to the next level with The Cones Factory. Make the perfect custom cones and take advantage of all the amazing benefits we offer including fast turnaround times, price guarantees and low minimum orders. Place an order request today to get started.