70mm Little Cones

Not everyone wants to light up a king-size, so of course you want to provide a smaller option to your customers. Our 70mm cones are stylish, thin, and made from natural and certified food-grade papers. Designed to burn slowly and filter away excess smoke, these cones are perfect for individuals who like to smoke less at a time.

What Makes Our Little Cones Special

  • Our cones are made of 100% pure, tested, and certified natural paper to offer users a cleaner sesh.
  • Despite the small size, the cones still come with a 26mm filter that enhances safety when smoking, both for the fingers and lungs.
  • We make them in standard sizes to ensure that you can continue to use your usual filling devices.

We Have the Best Service

Your customers deserve the best. What keeps customers loyal is top quality and consistency. With our three-phase quality testing procedure, you can rest assured that our products will consistently meet your high standards. The Cones Factory boasts the lowest prices online for this premium quality, and we can beat any lower price you come across. There’s no middleman involved here!

Shop with Us Today

It takes about 0.5g of herb to fill the 70mm cones and small blunt wraps. Their price, size, and capacity make them an ideal choice for businesses who are looking to run promotional campaigns. Ready to shop 70mm cones? Check out our options and add them to your cart. Need to order in bulk? We have pre roll cones, 1,000 pieces in a box and of course you can order as many boxes as you need! Questions? Contact our excellent customer service team for support


Are these cones the same as dog walkers? 

The term “dog walker” was coined for short joints or pre rolls that could be consumed in about 10 minutes, or the length of time for an average walk through the park with your dog. This slang term has stuck, and these 70mm cones fit that description. Users don’t need a dog to enjoy these little pre rolled cones, and many dispensaries find this size pre roll can help maximize profits and move inventory. 

What other sizes do pre roll cones come in?

The Cones Factory manufactures a variety of rolling cone sizes. Along with 70mm, we also make 98mm reefer cones that hold half a gram, 98mm cones that hold 3/4s of a gram, 84mm cones that hold half a gram, and king-size 109mm cones that contain a full gram. Our small blunt wraps and all other sizes of pre roll cones come in 1000-count boxes that are perfect for machine filling. 

What are The Cones Factory smoking cones made from? 

Our sustainable manufacturing process uses a variety of materials from the classic to the exotic. We make 109mm, 98mm, 84mm, and 70mm pre roll cones from French white paper, Himalayan Tan paper, and 100% hemp paper, for a start. Our exotic materials include blue lotus flower petals and yellow and red rose petal joint cones. We also carry a variety of specially printed cones with vibrant, eye-catching designs and branding on French white paper, and more! Order a sample pack today and try a little of everything! 

Are these short cones the same as joints? 

Not really, although both can hold about half a gram of weed. The difference is in the filling and smoking experience. Some people claim they taste more flavor in a joint, and others claim they taste more flavor in a cone, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. Most users find that 70mm cones, small blunt wraps, and all sizes of pre roll cones in our 1000-count bulk boxes are easier to fill than rolling by hand, which can be a distinct advantage. 

Are your cones rated in any way, or tested? 

While there is no standard system for rating products like pre rolled cones, joint tubes, and blunt wraps, our production facilities and materials are certified for material safety, consistency, and quality. 

The Cones Factory facilities are ISO 9000-2015 certified. ISO 9000 is a quality management system, and certification means that we meet international standards of quality assurance. This covers documentation of processes and helps us to protect and continually improve the quality of our 70mm cones and other products. 

The Cones Factory facilities are GMP certified. This FDA standard signifies good manufacturing practices.

In addition to GMP and ISO 9000 certification, every box of 800 or 1000 small pre roll cones, blunt wraps, and pre roll joint tubes contain certified food-grade materials, are free of pesticides and heavy metals, and pass Health Canada regulations. 

Together, these certifications and standards protect consumers and help us maintain high quality on our 70mm Little cones and other products.