Custom Pre Roll Tubes and Filters

Selling unique pre roll tubes puts you ahead of your competition and makes every smoke more enjoyable for your customers. But how do you start crafting the perfect pre roll? Put your dispensary brand front and center for every smoke with customized tubes and labels specially designed for you.

Creating the Perfect Pre Roll With Our Custom Tubes

Every component of your cannabis tubes and cones can be customized, including filter size, tube length, paper type, and more. After you create the perfect pre roll tubes, choose your branding style to help you meet your sales and marketing goals.

Customization Options

Tube Length

We can make your tubes any length, with the standard lengths being 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm.

Custom Filter Sizes

Your filter size is important as it determines how much flower you can pack into your joint or blunt. The standard sizes for filters are 26mm & 21mm.

Custom Rolling Papers

When designing your tubes, you can choose between unbleached hemp papers, hemp blunt wraps, and classic refined papers for your products.

Custom Diameter

We can adjust the diameter of your tubes as well, with standard diameters being 9mm & 10mm.

Custom Branding

Whether you want external branding on your tube, branding directly on the paper, or embossing and foiling on your filters, we can take care of your branding needs for you to create the perfect custom pre roll tubes!

Pre Roll Filters

Spiral filters and wooden filters serve to enhance the smoking experience and make smoking your pre rolls more desirable!

No matter what you need to craft the perfect pre roll, whether it's custom rolling papers or pre roll tubes with labels, we’ll help you finalize all the necessary design elements to ensure you and your customers are satisfied.

Branding Options

External Branding

Your artwork is fully visible on any paper option

Regular Branding

Your artwork is on the filter section of the cone or tube

Special Effects

Additional options (including foiling and embossing)

Once we’ve received and finalized your design, we can mass-produce the whole batch in 3-4 weeks.

Custom Paper Options

100% Hemp (Unbleached)

As far as the smokability is concerned, these are the best papers available

Blunt Wraps (Hemp)

Blunt Wraps (Hemp)

Stand out with hemp blunt wraps guaranteed to catch the eye of the discerning smoker

Classic Refined Papers

Neat, clean appearance that adds to a satisfying smoke

Craft Premium Custom Pre Roll Tubes With The Cones Factory

Your customers love a good smoke. Ready to make it even better? Work with The Cones Factory and tap into benefits like unmatchable lead times to get your bulk joint tubes and custom rolling papers quickly. If you manage to find a more affordable price, we’ll beat it— guaranteed! Minimum orders start as low as 800 cones. Place an order request by email or call us at 855-966-0905 to get started today!

Spiral Filters

Spiral filters have handcrafted tips made to enhance smoking pleasure with a smooth, full flow of smoke


Wooden Filters

These custom pre roll filters offer a smooth flow and heat-free, comfortable smoke.


Choose this option if you want to see photos of the how your artwork would look like before final production

You can upload your logo and create your order online as per your requirements

Want to tell us more about your project? We can achieve non standard customisations too


What are custom pre roll tubes used for?

Pre roll tubes, also known as join tubes or pop-top tubes, preserve and protect dry herbs or pre rolled products, ensuring their freshness and security. Crafted from materials like polypropylene or glass, there are now more eco-friendly alternatives available to cater to diverse preferences and sustainability goals.

Are pre rolls smell-proof?

Yes. Often referred to as doob tubes, pre roll packaging effectively addresses the issue of containing odors. These hard-sided tubes come with secure lids or caps designed to snugly fit a single joint. Their sturdy exteriors prevent the joint from bending or breaking during transportation, and most doob tubes are engineered to be smell-proof.

What makes a pre roll different from a blunt?

Blunts and custom pre roll tubes have several distinctions, including their composition. Homemade blunts traditionally use tobacco leaves or cigar wrappers, while pre rolls are crafted with rolling papers. These differences also extend to the materials used. Custom rolling papers, Hemp leaves, and Himalayan papers are typically used by dispensaries, making each option unique in its own right.