Pink Cones- Pack of 800 Cones



Pink Cones

  • Hemp & wood pulp paper
  • 109mm cone length
  • 26mm filter length
  • Beautiful rose pink color

Our beautifully crafted rose pink joint gives your customers a chance to smoke something special. Perfect for special occasions or standing out in a crowd, your customers will treasure their unique pink joint as a one-of-a-kind experience.

Expand your brand by diversifying your products and give every single one of your customers what they want. The pink joint allows you to mix up the same old product and colors with something that catches their eye. When your product selection is getting stale, mix things up with our classy pink joints.

What Makes Pink Cones Special

This classy version of our signature cone gives your business, and your customers, something to talk about. Instead of offering the exact same cones as every other business, make your store stand out by offering a product that helps separate you from the competition. Our pink joint cones are made with 100% wood pulp which provide a more traditional experience than products made with hemp paper.

Why Choose The Cones Factory

Since 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the most reliable and consistent pre rolled cone experience for businesses in Canada and the US. We control our entire manufacturing process, which allows us to provide extremely quick turnaround times, the lowest industry prices, and comparatively low minimum orders. At The Cones Factory, we understand what you’re looking for and our team of professionals can help you find the right product for your business. Shop pre rolled cones today!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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