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Rose Petal Cones - Yellow - Pack of 70 Cones

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Our all-natural rose petal pre rolled cones are gaining the attention of eco-conscious smokers everywhere. No harmful chemicals, pesticides, artificial dyes or artificial flavoring used.

Product Features

  • 100% all-natural
  • Made from organic rose petals 
  • Sealed package for absolute freshness
  • Biodegradable 

Rose blunt tubes offer a delicious smoking experience. They have a light floral scent, and you can enjoy them as a change of pace from your regular papers. Each one is manufactured with care and contains no artificial flavor, dyes, or colors. 

Use these cones with laid-back Indica or stuff them with Sativa to set your mind free–use any herb. Either way, these cones burn clean and even. Each package contains 70 elegant rolling cones that are designed to enhance any smoking blend. 

An Aromatic Experience

Our empty blunt tubes are made with naturally fragrant rose flower petals and manufactured in an ISO 9000:2015 facility, giving us full control of product quality. Our rose blunts, wraps, and papers are tested regularly to make sure they are free of pesticides and heavy metals, and the results are available on request. Our products are tested for heavy metals and pesticides according to the latest regulations of California Law & Health Canada. They’re great for smokers who prefer joints and can’t roll them and anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary chemicals. 

All of our pre rolled joint tubes, including blunt wraps and rose cones, are inspected and sealed for freshness.

Your Source For Joint Branding

The Cones Factory is your factory-direct source for customizable products that make branding easy. In addition to providing you with beautiful rose blunts, we can give your products a distinctive look that will help get it noticed in a crowd. Contact us for customized joint packaging solutions that can turn your product into a legendary brand that consumers will remember and request.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use rose petals?

The scent of roses may be calming and soothing, and some phytochemicals found in roses have beneficial properties. Rose oils, for example, have antiseptic and decongestant properties. Our blunts look and taste great; they don’t provide any substantial therapeutic benefit that we know of – unless you count their fantastic smell! Order your very own rose blunts today and find out for yourself!

Can you roll a joint with rose flower petals?

Technically, yes! However, many plants are sprayed with pesticides or exposed to chemicals, which is why you need to be extra careful collecting flowers. We test all of our papers for heavy metals and pesticides according to the latest regulations of California Law & Health Canada, so you can always shop with us for peace of mind. 

How do you use a flower petal cone?

Fill these cones manually with your favorite smoking mixture or use a machine like a knockbox to fill dozens at once. Then twist the big end shut and light it. It’s simple and fast! Order a jar of rose blunts now!

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