Chemicals added to organic papers

Rolling papers have changed quite a bit since they were primarily being used to roll cigarettes. Much of that change has been called for by users who continue to educate themselves about what goes into paper cones and the process behind it.

This change has brought on a demand for organic products like never before, and instead of getting left behind, you owe it to yourself to learn exactly why you should offer organic papers.

Consumers Are Changing Buying Habits

As the years progress people are becoming more and more health-conscious thanks to the public availability of health information. YouTube channels, blog articles, podcasts, and more are all contributing to the increase in knowledge around what's good for people's bodies and which companies are helping or hurting.

The cannabis industry has been hit with the same changes the rest of the economic world has been going through. Consumers aren't just wanting their products, they want to make sure those products aren't going to harm them and they're willing to spend a little extra to do so.

Tobacco was one of the first elements in blunt wraps and paper cones that users wanted to eliminate because of its addictive quality. Now, there is a push to make all smoking papers 100% organic so that customers know their cones will be free from any foreign chemicals as well as any addictive substances. 

If you don't already have a big number of customers asking which of your products are organic it’s only a matter of time. These health-conscious customers aren't going away any time soon and are actually gaining momentum.

By keeping a stock of 100% organic cones in your store you can be sure that you're reaching the largest number of people possible, and thus increasing your bottom line.

Organic Papers Don’t Use Added Chemicals

Chemicals added to organic papers

The problem with most paper cones is that manufacturers often use added chemicals in order to produce the desired color and integrity of the cones. These chemicals were added because customers were previously unsatisfied with the way the cones performed.

For example, cigarettes had a hard time staying lit when people were smoking so manufacturers started dipping their papers in titanium oxide which helps the papers burn longer. The same trend followed into the cannabis industry and the same chemical was used on rolling papers. 

However, It turns out that titanium oxide is toxic to the body when smoked and is incredibly bad for you. And that's only one chemical that has been added to papers. You also have to watch out for chlorine bleach being added, calcium carbonate (or chalk), potassium nitrate, and artificial dyes.

By buying organic smoking papers, you completely eliminate any potential harmful substances that could be added to the paper cones. Taking care of your customers and offering organic papers will certainly breed good will in the community about what your brand stands for and how much you care about the people who shop with you.

Organic Papers Preserve the Flower and the World

Flower for organic papers

As you can imagine, all of those added chemicals from the previous section have an effect on the overall taste and smell of the organic smoking paper cones. Instead of having a pure taste and smell from the flower, both will be altered by the other additives.

This might not be as big a problem for the casual smoker who would have a hard time telling the difference, but veterans will be able to immediately tell the difference. As the cannabis industry grows, so does the quality of the product.

Buying an expensive strain means you want to enjoy every last inhale and really taste the terpenes of the flower. It would be like buying a fancy bottle of wine only to serve it in a plastic cup. It gets the job done, but it alters the smells and flavor nearly as much.

Not only that, but having organic paper is a more sustainable practice. The additives and processes used to create paper cones that aren't organic do more harm to the world than necessary. Buying organic helps make sure that not only are your customers taken care of, but you're also watching out for everyone else too.

Organic Papers Are Made From Hemp

By using 100% organic smoking papers which are often made from hemp, you’re ensuring the entire smoking process for customers is a complete cannabis experience. Because hemp is still considered cannabis, just a different version of the same plant, you’re keeping the entire experience more natural.

Hemp has its own unique elements that affect the body in different ways than the marijuana plant. CBD is the most common derivative of hemp because more of it can be found in the hemp plant than the marijuana plant. That's why CBD is legal because it doesn't contain any of the psychoactive properties marijuana does, just like hemp.

Although it would be hard to say if a paper cone would have enough hemp in it to have any major effects on the body, it is certainly better than consuming a paper cone made with harmful chemicals.

Offering Organic Smoking Papers

As consumers have educated themselves on the different additives being used for paper cones, there is a bigger call for organic products in the market. Organic smoking paper cones don't contain any harmful chemicals, they are more sustainable for the world, they preserve the taste and smell of the flower, and they contain 100% cannabis material. If you ever have any questions about which organic products are right for you, reach out to our educated staff who can help guide you in the right direction.