Woman lighting cigarette

You have your cannabis ready to go and your lighter by your side, but as you go to pull out the last rolling paper, you realize there's nothing left. That's when you have to think quick on your feet and use the list below to try one of the rolling paper alternatives that will get your session started.

Here's a list of all the rolling paper alternatives and how you can use each one to still get the job done.

Glass Pipes

When your rolling papers have finally run out, there's a quick and easy solution you can use by getting yourself a glass pipe. Glass pipes are a great tool for smoking cannabis and will give you a smooth experience all the way through.

The best way to use your glass pipe is by packing it with finely ground bud, placing your lips on the mouthpiece end, then lighting up the other end. This allows you to inhale smoke easily while giving yourself good airflow, and there is even a carburetor for most pipes.

That means that when you're about done inhaling, you can open up the carburetor on the side of the pipe, and it will bring in some additional airflow as you inhale to help you get the smoke deep inside your lungs for the full experience.

Flower Vapes

Vaporizers are able to heat up using convection methods so that there's no actual fire needed. Instead, just load up your dry herb vape and then push the button to start inhaling.

These are much cleaner than needing to load bowl after bowl in a glass pipe, and they are easy to maintain and quicker to get the session started compared to rolling papers. 

They are, however, a little more expensive, so you'll want to save just a little before getting yourself a high-quality vape for when the papers run out.

Think Notebook paper

This isn't nearly as recommended as the other options, but if you're in a pinch and you've tried everything else, then notebook paper is what you can use as rolling paper.

You can use it just like normal rolling papers, but the difference between regular rolling paper and notebooks is that your smoking experience will be a little different since you'll be using something that's not meant for smoking. 

What this means is that it won't burn as evenly as rolling papers would, so you might have to do some adjusting and relighting if you go this route.

It will probably be a lot harsher, too, since the paper will probably be thicker than the rolling paper you're used to.

Empty Cigarette

Woman lighting cigarette

This one only works if you're already a cigarette smoker but if you want to know what you can use as rolling paper, empty cigarettes are perfect.

There are a few ways you can do this, but one of the easiest is to take off the filter and pack in your ground cannabis tightly. Then use a lighter to heat up the end that's not stuffed with weed and start puffing away. 

You can also keep the filter on and empty the other part of the cigarette so that you can eventually stuff it with cannabis.

Hot Knives

This method is a little tricky because you don't want to get burned, but you can actually heat up a knife using some kind of fire source and then place your cannabis on top to start burning off the THC.

You might need two knives in order to squish the cannabis to get the maximum surface of heat and burn as much THC as possible so that you can get a pull. 

Just be careful because you'll have to get your mouth close to the knives in order to inhale all the smoke coming off the rolling paper alternative.


Rolling Paper Alternative

Believe it or not, hard fruits like apples and pears can make great rolling paper alternatives as long as you do a little digging.

Start at the core of the apple and, using a knife or pen, make a hole all the way to the middle of the fruit. Then, on one of the sides of the apple, make another hole that reaches all the way to the middle of the apple. 

If you did it right, you should have a perfectly aligned tunnel where you can place your cannabis at one end and inhale from the other to make a rolling paper alternative that also tastes great.

Corn Husk

Here is a rolling paper alternative that is completely natural and poses no real threat to your everyday health. It’s what you can use as rolling paper when you have some extra corn laying around.

Native Americans have been known to use this nifty trick to roll their cigarettes, and you can use it to roll your own cannabis joints. The husk is a little harsher to smoke than if you were using really thick papers, but this method definitely gets the job done.

Rolling Paper Alternatives

If you’re wondering what you can use for rolling paper, there are plenty of options you can employ if you've run out of your favorite brand. Some will be more durable while others are convenient by taking everyday items and transforming them into something you can smoke from.