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  • 100% natural hemp
  • Food grade safe materials (FSC)
  • 70mm total length
  • 21mm crutch (filter) length
  • 0.35 gram

Littles may be the answer for making the perfect pre rolled hemp joints. They provide a fast and efficient smoking experience, and they’re 100% biodegradable. They’re made of all-natural hemp and wood pulp manufactured to the utmost consistency using our three-tier, quality control process. Hemp paper is the natural choice for your finest flower. 

Premium Wraps

Our hemp is grown sustainably and tested for heavy metals and pesticide contamination. Our pre rolls are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and pass stringent Health Canada requirements. These pre roll Littles are ideal for two- and three-packs and 70mm pre rolled joints are great for promotions and customer rewards. We carry all sizes of hemp cones in bulk, blunt wraps, pre roll joint tubes, and more.

Quality Paper, Quality Pre Rolls 

A quality joint with your dispensary logo can help to increase sales. Contact us today, and let The Cones Factory make your pre roll products unforgettable with our private labeling service. We carry top-quality French White, rice, Himalayan Tan, and hemp papers for pre rolled joints, cones, and blunts, that will compliment your flower and support your path to increased profit! All cones fit industry-standard filling systems like Rocketbox, Knockbox, and more. 


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is certification important?

Since cones and joints touch your lips, some of the same regulations that apply to food and medicine apply to pre roll Littles and other goods for smoking. Products with Food Safety Certification, or FSC, are considered safe for this type of contact. Our products pass California State and Health Canada regulations and are approved for sale in Canada and the United States.

Can you make custom-size pre rolls?

Yes. We can manufacture custom pre rolled joint wraps from hemp or one of our other paper selections in any size, to your specifications. You can select the type of paper, the filter, and where your logo will go (paper, filter, embossed on foil, etc.) Whatever product you have in mind, contact a representative today and we’ll be happy to help! 

Which size pre roll is best?

One of the great things about pre rolls is that they come in different sizes, and while you may have a preference, there is no perfect size pre roll. This gives patients and recreational users an easy way to self-regulate cannabis benefits – not everyone wants to burn a baseball bat every time they smoke, and sometimes a little 70mm hemp skinned pre rolled joint is a perfect size.

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Unmatchable lead times to protect you against any sales or inventory loss. The average lead time is 3 weeks for custom projects

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For all things related to Pre Rolls, this is the stop. We have been doing pre rolls for the past 7 years now and we know what exactly our customers need

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Custom or Bulk Orders, take advantage of the lowest minimums. We can do custom projects for as low as 800 cones.