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70mm Little Pre Rolled Cones - French White - 1000

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Little Pre Rolled RAW Cones Wholesale

  • Ultra Fine French White Paper
  • FSC certified food grade safe
  • 1000 cones in each box
  • Cut exactly to 70mm in size

You should feel smart. After all, you are ordering some of the lowest priced 70mm pre rolled cones in the industry. Don’t believe us? Get another quote that is lower than our pre rolls price and we will match it on the spot. Working with our factory means we get to pass the savings on to you.

Better Cones at Better Prices

Your 70mm pre rolled cones are made with ultra white french paper which makes the experience all about the flower. Your customers will love these because they don’t take away from the flavor of the flower and they are also super smooth. We supply RAW cones at wholesale price and each cone is made with FSC certified food grade safe blunt paper so you can give your customers products they’ll keep coming back for. We also put our pre rolls through a 3-tier quality control system to ensure that each one is just as good as the last.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2016, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best pre roll prices with high-quality products and superior customer service. We work directly with our factory so we can pass on incredible savings to our customers and have wholesale RAW cones delivered with some of the best lead times in the industry. 

Our expertise in the industry gives us the competitive edge of providing top notch customer service compared to other companies that haven’t spent as long doing this as we have and have not dedicated their time to making quality products. You can get started today and establish yourself as a reputable supplier of high-quality pre rolls.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much flower do the 70mm pre rolled bulk cones hold?

The 70mm pre rolled papers hold about one-quarter of a gram. This is the perfect size for one person to enjoy a quick smoke. Many dispensaries, growers and processors get RAW cones wholesale and sell them in multi-packs. This allows the smoker to stock up on several and carry them around conveniently in their pockets or handbags without being damaged.

What is so special about French white paper?

French white paper is revered throughout the cannabis industry as being the finest and highest quality paper available. It’s so thin that it burns exceptionally well, avoiding the dreaded canoe effect. It also has the mildest taste on the market, which means those customers who are true flower aficionados will be able to taste and smell every terpene each strain has to offer. Our affordable pre roll prices for French white paper is sure to attract dedicated customers.

How long will my pre rolled cones bulk order take to arrive?

When you don’t have the product you need on the shelves, you can’t make the profit you need either. The Cones Factory provides some of the fastest lead times for RAW cones wholesale because we never run out of stock. Even custom orders only take about 3 weeks to deliver!

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