We Have the Perfect Size for Your Flower

Consumers love rolling cones because of their simplicity and ease of use. The Cones Factory carries a full range of ready-to-fill, raw pre roll cone sizes that are perfect for holding your quality flower or dispensary brand. They can be filled by hand or with cone-filling machines like the Doob Cube, Knockbox, TCF system, and more. These premium cones burn cleanly and evenly. 

Each cone provides a different smoking experience. Smaller cones are perfect for fast, personal use, medium cones provide a more substantial exposure to cannabis, and large cones are great for groups and occasions. 

70mm Little Cones

A raw cone of this size contains around 0.5 grams of cannabis. This length, about 2.75 inches, is preferred by many people because they last about as long as it takes to walk a dog or do some other boring outdoor task. They leave minimal waste, so there’s no worry about what to do with a half-smoked cone. This is a great item for maximizing profits on high-grade flower and for promotional freebies, customer rewards, and similar items. 

98mm Reefer (Thin) Cones

Reefer (thin) cones provide a different smoking experience when compared with our Little cones even though they both use a similar amount of weed, about 0.5 grams. This is due to their shape. A raw pre roll cone of this size is 98mm long and about 9.2mm across at the folded or wide end (a Little is around 10.2mm across at the wide end). This changes the smoking characteristics of the product and can give your lungs a chance to receive more oxygen. Some people prefer this shape because it takes a little longer to smoke, whereas a Little is designed to burn quickly.

84mm Cones (½g)

Considered to be a small- to medium-size cone by most smokers, the 84mm cone is a versatile option for enjoying cannabis, hemp, or any smoking blend in a variety of situations. Raw cones of this size are great for private labeling, and like Reefer and Little cones, they are optimized to be smoked in a single sitting and leave minimal waste. 

These medium cones are about 10.8mm wide at the big end. They’re great for longer walks in the park and solo experiences, or sharing. 

109mm Cones (1g)

A bigger cone packs a more powerful punch, and that’s what many patients and enthusiasts are looking for when it comes to single pre rolls. A raw cone of this size holds about a gram and is ideal for individuals who want a more thorough and extended experience. 

These cones average about 12.5mm at the big end and are ready for sharing with friends or at events like festivals, parties, celebrations, and get-togethers. Packed with powerful weed and branded with your custom logo, they can deliver a deeply meaningful smoking experience that users won’t easily forget. 

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A bright logo, a catchy slogan, and good flower stuffed in a premium raw cone of the right size from The Cones Factory may catapult sales and increase public awareness for your dispensary or farm. We specialize in providing quality pre roll cones, bulk sales, and custom packaging services at competitive prices. We offer a variety of papers, filters, and packaging options designed to enhance your product and increase sales. We can even produce custom cones to your specifications.

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Traditionally shaped and preferred by some for their qualities, our pre rolled tubes are popular among many smokers because the finished product looks like a joint or cigarette. Like our other products, they go through a 3-tier quality control protocol to ensure the quality and consistency of each package. Our pre rolled joint tubes and blunt tubes are perfect for branding, and like our pre roll cones, these raw, empty tubes are sized for popular filling machines, and we can produce custom lengths on request. 

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The Cones Factory is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We carry pre rolled cones, blunt tubes, and joint tubes in bulk, automatic cone filling machines, and we offer custom joint packaging and private labeling. We keep prices competitive by eliminating the middleman, and we have low minimum orders. These raw cones are sized to maximize dispensary profit, and we will be happy to work with you to develop custom labeling and packaging that will showcase your product and make it stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

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The Cones Factory wants to help you increase sales! Order a sample pack of empty cones and see how our product works with your bud. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss custom orders, private labeling, ready-to-fill raw cone sizes that are perfect for your operation, and custom pre roll packaging solutions.