84mm Cones (½g)

At The Cones Factory, we understand that not everyone wants a king-size 1g, so we provide the perfect alternatives. You can’t go wrong with our 84mm cones that come in different colors and variants to suit different preferences for pricing that is out of this world. Our factory is dedicated to manufacturing and customizing the pre rolled cones that help your business thrive. We sustainably produce our cones from food-grade paper, organic where possible.

The Variants and Benefits

Our 84mm half-gram cones are designed to give the user a uniquely smooth experience. We use only premium-quality papers for the production of our cones. Our 84mm cones are available in the following options:

  • Himalayan tan ½g
  • French White ½g
  • 100% organic hemp 1g
  • Hemp wrapper blunt cones

Shop The Cones Factory

We use standard sizes so you can continue to use the filling equipment you have been using, be it Thumper, Knockbox, or any other. Our products are FSC certified food-grade paper. They undergo a three-phase test of quality to ensure we never disappoint you. Regardless of the size of your order, you will always get your request in time — we offer fast lead times on all orders.

Ready to Process Your Order

We have taken our time to develop the best products for you to choose from. Please browse through our 84mm cones or other pre roll products and packaging, and shop today. If you have any questions, contact us today. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you.


What innovations does The Cones Factory bring to pre rolled cone manufacturing?

As pioneers in automating cone production, we ensure cost advantages and unmatched consistency. Our focus on innovations like the Himalayan tan and hemp blunt wraps sets our 84mm cones apart. 

How does The Cones Factory ensure its half-gram cones are sustainable?

We use environmentally friendly materials, like 100% organic hemp, and practice sustainable production methods. Plus, our pre rolled papers are FSC-certified. 

Can The Cones Factory handle large orders for dispensaries and growers?

Absolutely! With our manufacturing capabilities, we efficiently handle large orders of rolling cones and pre roll joint tubes while maintaining fast lead times. 

Can you elaborate on the customization services for 84mm cones?

Customization lies at the heart of our service. For our 84mm cones, options include Himalayan Tan and French White papers, among others. We offer private labeling, allowing your brand to shine through on quality products. 

What are your policies on returns and shipping?

We accept returns for damaged goods during shipping and replace standard and customized half-gram cones. Shipping charges are calculated based on distance, product size, and weight.

How does The Cones Factory maintain its stock levels and ensure fast delivery?

Our never-out-of-stock policy exists because of our manufacturing facility in India. We guarantee quick turnaround times and typically process orders within 2-3 days. 

Are there any restrictions on ordering from The Cones Factory?

While we service a broad audience, one must recognize that we manufacture all products, including 84mm cones for adult use. Use responsibly according to local laws and regulations. 

How does The Cones Factory support small businesses?

Tailoring our services to dispensaries, smoke shops, cannabis growers, processors, and distributors, we offer factory-direct pricing, sustainable production, and low minimum orders starting from 800 pre rolled cones to meet diverse needs.

What are the packaging options available for pre rolls?

Our packaging solutions include pop-up plastic tubes and custom packaging to enhance product presentation and maintain freshness. 

Can customers request free samples before placing a large order? 

Yes. We believe in our product quality and offer free samples upon request, allowing you to assess our 84mm cones firsthand.