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116mm Pre Roll Pop-Up Joint Tubes

Size: 116mm
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  • Certified Child Resistant
  • 500 holders per case
  • Made from sustainable PLA plastic
  • Holds 1 x 1-gram or 2 x half-gram pre rolls

Our pre roll cases with pop-up joint tubes, better known as doob tubes, accommodate a range of products, including joints, blunts, cones, vape oil carts – you name it. With their wide construction, these tubes hold larger or multiple joints and blunts, catering to different product sizes. Do you sell Delta-8 or CBD products? Add these plastic blunt tubes to your lineup to wow newbies and connoisseurs.

Are customers asking for more pre roll holders, but keeping up with demand is a continual problem? Our industry-quick lead times will get your cases delivered right to your door faster than any other pre roll company. You can even get your own brand name or logo, and it will only take three weeks. 

Most companies charge you a premium because they have to work with a manufacturer to get your pre roll case to you. We work directly with our factory so you’ll never get charged more money for the same great product. If you find a lower price we’ll even beat that!

Protect What’s Important

There’s no better upsell to your pre rolls than a pre roll holder. Make a little extra on each order with a PLA sustainable plastic pre roll holder. Each one is certified child-resistant to prevent any accidents and each case comes with 500 holders. Choose between 116mm, 98mm, or 90mm depending on the size of your pre rolls.

What’s So Good About The Cones Factory?

We’ve done our research and we can say with confidence that when you order through us you’re getting the lowest prices in the industry with the quickest lead times. Our dedication to bringing the highest-quality pre roll cases to your shop means we even offer completely custom-branded projects. Get your brand name and logo on any pre roll holder for free marketing. Order today!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a sealed pre roll last?

Properly stored, sealed pre rolls can maintain quality for six months to a year. While the potency and aroma may gradually diminish, the pre roll can still be smoked, providing a euphoric experience, albeit with slightly reduced intensity. Store your cannabis in a moisture-free, dark storage area without sunlight at room temperature for best results. 

Should I keep pre rolls in the fridge?

No. Put your pre rolls in a pre roll case instead! Storing pre rolls in the refrigerator is not recommended, as low temperatures can cause valuable terpenes, cannabinoids, and trichomes to break off. Freezing affects the potency and the burning characteristics of the product. Instead, store your plastic blunt tubes somewhere cool and dark to prevent moisture buildup and maintain the quality of your pre rolls.

Are pre roll tubes airtight?

Absolutely! Pre roll tubes offer a triple combination of desirable features. They’re child-resistant, tamper-evident, and airtight. With their sleek design and airtight seal, these tubes ensure the freshness and quality of your pre rolls, making them a smart purchase. Get your hands on some pre roll cases to protect your pre rolls and maintain peace of mind. 

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