A person holding cannabis in their hand

The holiday season is upon us, and cannabis products are great gifts and stocking stuffers for weed enthusiasts. Planning ahead as a dispensary and stocking up on all of the gifts for weed smokers that people will be looking for during Christmas will help you manage the oncoming rush. If you need a closer look at what Christmas gifts for smokers people may be looking for during the holidays, read on as we take a closer look at some of the best gift ideas for weed smokers.

Electronic Grinders

Grinders make the process of getting the perfectly ground bud for packing simple. However, even though grinders are useful tools, some may want to take it one step further and make the grinding process less of a chore. The solution? Electronic grinders are products that manage the grinding so that all your customers have to do is add the bud and get their herb delivered to them in ground form at the touch of a button. Electronic gifts can often be some of the most exciting gifts for weed smokers this holiday season!

Their Favorite Snacks

If there’s anything smokers appreciate, it’s having plenty of snacks at their disposal to eat once the munchies strike. Having non-edible snacks in your dispensary ensures that customers have their pantries full after a smoke session. Of course, there are all kinds of snacks that you can carry as well if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for smokers. If you know your customers have a sweet tooth, chocolate and gummy candy are a good choice. If they want something more savory, you can always stock up on chips and similar products. There are even snack gifts for weed smokers like seasoning kits that will be especially popular around this time of year.

CBD Gifts

Not all weed smokers are going to be able to enjoy their bud all day. Whether it’s work or other responsibilities, smokers might still need to scratch that itch. This is why it’s always a good idea to carry CBD for those who want to try it. A popular cannabinoid, CBD comes in a wide range of forms. From CBD gummies to CBD joints and everything in between, these gifts for weed smokers are versatile and appeal to nearly everyone. They might even have CBD products with just a touch of THC for those who want a bit more kick to their CBD products.

Weed Infusers

With a weed infuser, customers can infuse butter and other things with THC, making it easier to make their own edible creations from the comfort of their homes. Better yet, these gifts for weed smokers sure beat having to go through the process of going through the process of preparing and extracting the THC all on their own. The convenience is sure to be appreciated!

Novelty Items

Fun Christmas gifts for smokers who already have everything they need to enjoy cannabis are novelty items. Novelty items include things like funny cannabis-themed t-shirts, kitchen items (think waffle makers that add a weed leaf design or other cannabis accessories), and even little knick knacks that they can decorate their space with. When you have customers who are looking for something that isn’t premium bud or the tools that they need to enjoy it, these gifts for weed smokers are the perfect option.

Pre Rolls

Pre rolls are always excellent gifts. They’re packaged individually, stuffed with premium bud, and ready to light up at a moment’s notice. They’re also highly portable in comparison to bud, rolling papers, pipes, and all of the other accessories needed to light up. If you’re a dispensary that has yet to focus on your pre roll experience, The Cones Factory is here to help. We offer a wide range of bulk and customized pre roll cones, pre roll tubes, and pre roll packaging to make sure these premium gifts for weed smokers are always available. 

The Cones Factory has served dispensaries for years, providing them with the high-quality pre roll materials they need as well as private labeling support. We ensure you get the best possible experience by offering factory direct prices, only offering premium quality products, and supporting you throughout the process with excellent customer service. Are you ready to take your pre roll experience to the next level and stock up on these popular Christmas gifts for smokers? Shop today or reach out to us if you need help with your bulk or customized order!