A person holding a lighter up to their pipe

Your dispensary is defined by the type of experience you have to offer. While much of this will be attributed to the quality of bud you have and your own unique approach to cannabis, the items that you have in stock also matter. Cannabis enthusiasts rely on dispensaries to have all the necessary smoking accessories on hand. Whether your customers are new to smoking or need to stock up on new supplies, smoking accessories are a staple in your shop. To make sure you have everything you need to appeal to smokers, let’s take a look at some of the must-have weed smoking accessories you need to have in your dispensary.

Must-Have Weed Smoker Accessories

1. Hand pipes 

There are plenty of tools that one can use to smoke, whether they’re using bongs to smoke cannabis or dab rigs for their wax. But these can be major investments. Both new smokers and experienced smokers alike might need something they can quickly grab from your dispensary. This is what makes basic hand pipes among the top weed smoking accessories to have in your shop. Regardless of the type of material your hand pipes are made out of, these products are more affordable than other smoking tools, easy to use, and easy to clean.

2. Grinders

Packing bud into bowls, papers, or wraps is an art. If you have cannabis that is too chunky, you can end up with an uneven burn and a ruined smoke session. This can often happen when you’re trying to break apart herb with your hands. Fortunately, this is why we have grinders! Grinders help grind bud down so that it can be more easily packed into pipes, bongs, and more. Even better, these weed smoker accessories often have extra features like compartments to catch kief that your customers can use later.

3. Rolling trays/ashtrays

Rolling trays and ashtrays are helpful weed smoking accessories for smokers who are consistently making a mess on other surfaces while they’re trying to prepare their joints, blunts, or bowls. Rolling trays can come in a wide variety of forms, either acting as just a flat surface to make rolling up easier or as an organizational tool for lighters, grinders, and more. Meanwhile, ashtrays are helpful for keeping spaces clean and ensuring that ash doesn’t stain various surfaces. These types of products are also easily customizable, ensuring their continued demand in your dispensary.

4. Cleaning fluid

There are a lot of weed smoking accessories that your customers need to help them smoke their bud. But there are others that are essential to keeping their tools functional. One great accessory that might not get discussed as much is cleaning fluid. Those who don’t clean their pipes and other tools often can end up dealing with caked-on residue that’s difficult to remove. The right quality cleaning fluid helps remove this residue so that individuals can rest knowing their products are free of ash, gunk, and other contaminants that can impact their smoke sessions. 

5. Storage supplies

While this category of weed smoker accessories is rather broad, it’s important to include it in this list. Storage supplies are weed smoking accessories that keep tools organized and safe when they’re not in use. One example of storage supplies that cannabis enthusiasts can use is a humidification box. Humidification boxes are designed to keep cannabis fresh and free from mold while it’s stored away. Meanwhile, other storage supplies like stash boxes help to prevent rooms from smelling, keep tools stored away safely, and keep prying eyes away from bud and other smoking accessories. Cannabis enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to keep their favorite bud and tools safe!

6. Pre rolls and pre roll packaging

Pre rolls are weed smoking accessories in the sense that they’re products people can purchase alongside their cannabis and tools. They come ready to smoke and are always on hand for when smokers don’t want to have to grind and prepare their own bowls, joints, or blunts. Of course, a pre roll is an experience and one that will likely define your dispensary’s reputation. Here at The Cones Factory, we offer bulk and customized pre roll cones, pre roll tubes, and pre roll packaging to offer your customers the premium experience they expect.

Weed smoker accessories are foundational to any dispensary, and we’re always here to help on the pre roll end. From pre roll cones and tubes to customized packaging options, we have years of experience supporting cannabis businesses with their pre roll needs. We set ourselves apart from the competition with competitive pricing on our pre rolls and weed smoking accessories, cutting out the middleman, and offering excellent customer service. Shop today or contact us with your questions!