Hybrid Pre Rolled Cones- Pack of 800 Cones

Size: 109mm


Hybrid Pre Roll Cones

  • Each one is pre-labeled as “Hybrid”
  • FSC certified food grade safe
  • 800 cones in each box
  • Made with ultra-fine French white paper

Stop missing out on revenue because your manufacturer can’t get your products to you fast enough. We own our own factory so we don’t have to wait for anyone in order to get your product to you. As soon as we make it, we send it directly to your doors.

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About Hybrid Pre Roll Cones

Our hybrid pre roll cones are made with ultra-fine French paper which means they burn smoothly and evenly. They preserve the taste of the flower for a more enjoyable experience. Each one is pre-labeled as “Hybrid” for convenience for your customers. They can easily organize their pre-rolls so they don’t have any confusion on different varieties. You can also feel good selling our pre-rolls to your customers because they are all FSC-certified food-grade.

Why Choose The Cones Factory

We’ve been serving the pre-roll community since 2016 and we’ve learned dispensaries are looking for reliable pre-rolls that are affordable, made with quality, and can be delivered fast. We use our own factory to be sure we can deliver on everything customers told us they wanted. Now, we offer the lowest prices, quickest turnarounds, and have full control over the entire manufacturing process. Contact us today if you have any questions or want to learn more about our products.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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