Custom printed rolling papers

Custom printed rolling papers

Do your customers look a little bored at the counters? Maybe they keep looking around for something else but they aren't quite seeing what they want. That's when you know it's time to mix things up.

Custom rolling papers and cones can not only help your customers get something unique but can also create more business opportunities for growth.

Learn how you can stand out by using custom rolling papers and cones in the tips below.

Design Your Own Custom Rolling Papers & Cones

Brand your custom rolling papers, cones, and tubes by putting your logo or business name on each one. 

Having a logo will enable you to expand your client base. Nothing says, "Remember us?" like a personalized rolling cone or tube.

It's a quick way to spread your brand without having to invest a ton of money into online ads. You'll get more local reach and the people will get to try your product too.

If you’re interested in a cannabis promotional product, you could even give away custom rolling papers when hosting a special event to help spread the word about your brand.

Online ads give people a visual but people aren’t able to touch or try out the product. When a group of people is enjoying your pre roll together, each one will immediately know where it came from.

All parts of the rolling papers and tubes are customizable. Add different filter sizes and types, different paper sizes and types, and specify the width of your papers.

You know your audience best and you can create the perfect pre roll you know they'll enjoy.

A Word on Paper Options and Types

Cannabis promotional product papers

There's nothing wrong with sticking with the classic white pre roll or the classic blunt tube but if you want to really satisfy your customers, you need to give them options.

In our store, you'll find a world of cannabis promotional product options and types you can test out to see which ones your customers enjoy best.

French White

Our french white papers use ultra-fine paper so the session is smooth and you get less paper taste than the other options. It also means the paper burns more evenly. 

Customers won't have those notorious runs down one side of the pre roll while the other side remains at the same level.

100% Hemp

If you have customers coming in that are worried about the smokability of your products, 100% organic hemp is the way to go.

There will be no additives like other wraps so you can be sure your customers are being watched out for.

Himalayan Tan

Mix this Himalayan tan color in with other custom rolling paper options to give your customers something different when they're tired of french white or hemp.

They are still FSC certified food grade safe and still made of ultra-fine paper so they burn even and smooth.

Hemp Wrappers

Sometimes your customers want the strong taste of a blunt wrapper to go with their flower and these hemp wrappers are a great alternative.

Made from 100% hemp pulp, they allow the flower to be the star of the show while still giving off its own flavor.

Printed/Colored Papers

Have a special sale coming up at the store or want to celebrate a local tradition? These printed and colored custom rolling papers can set you apart from other dispensaries.

You have the option to print on the entire paper itself or to stay within the filter area.

Don’t Forget About Filters

Filters can easily be overlooked when you're trying to worry about branding the perfect custom rolling papers.

Filters have evolved since people were cutting out pieces of cardboard and sticking them in the tips of their joints.

Now, you have several options to get the perfect custom cannabis promotional product for your brand and your customers.

Paper Filter Tips

These classic paper filter tips will never go out of style. Take these out of the box and it brings back memories of dozens of past sessions.

Our store provides several options for classic paper tips. You can choose from our spiral filter which improves smoke flow for long drags without the cough or the traditional "W" tip as well.

External Wraps & Cigar Bands

If you're looking for custom tubes then adding a branded wrap or cigar band can help spread the reach of your brand to ideal clientele.

The band will sit where the tip begins so that it can accompany the session without getting in the way. It gives your tubes a feeling of class and higher quality.

Glass and Wooden Tips

Do you want to take your custom rolling papers, cones, and tubes to the next level?

Our glass and wooden tips add a new dimension to your pre rolls because customers won't feel as much heat coming off the end of the pre roll the closer they are to finishing it.

They also provide more flow for the smoke before it hits your customer's mouths so it doesn't go straight to the back of their throats and burn.

Unique Rolling Papers and Cones

Custom rolling papers, cones, and tubes can really set your dispensary apart from others and provide cannabis promotional products. It creates brand awareness and can be a great way to show your customers you're willing to take the extra step to give them what they want. Contact us if you have any questions about getting a custom pre roll or our process.