Red balloons promoting a sale

There is one day you need to get perfect as a dispensary: April 20th. This is the holiday you can’t miss out on. If you get it right, there’s going to be a flock of people coming in droves to your store to wipe out your inventory. 

Get it wrong, and you could be sitting on a bunch of cannabis promotional products you’ll have to discount just to get rid of. Make the most of this special day and read the 420 ideas for dispensaries below to get the most revenue you can from the holiday.

Step up Your Email Game

You’ll need a decent-sized email list for this promo idea, but you can really clear out your 420 promotional products by having an excellent email series running. 

Set up a series of emails that send one at a time to your email list, which builds excitement for the big day.

You can drop specials or promotions that you will have for the store and offer special coupons available only to people on your email list. 

One of the biggest influences an email series can have on your customers is simply reminding them that your store exists and it’s celebrating the holiday. 

In a world of distractions, it can be hard to stand out and get noticed. That’s why you have to remind your customers about your pre roll products and what you are up to. 

Setting up a good email series will help spread the word about your 420 event while you focus on your other cannabis promotional products. 

The beauty of writing the email series in advance is that once it’s written, you can concentrate on getting your 420 promotional products ready. Just set up your email system and assign out the emails in advance. 

The entire series will work automatically, allowing you to focus on running the store and making sure the day goes perfectly.

420 Ideas for Dispensaries

420 flower sale

Nothing builds up hype better than a good sale. Setting up a BOGO deal or a percentage discount for your cannabis promotional products can get people excited about shopping at your location over competitors. 

You want to ideally run the sale on a product that you don’t mind cutting the profit. The hope for your 420 event is to bring in more visitors and raise brand awareness. 

Once you get visitors in the door to check out the special, your sales floor can help entice them to some of your other 420 promotional products. 

You can tie this special sale in with your email series and promote it to your email list. Promoting a sale to an audience that has already shown interest in your brand will help deliver more warm leads to the store. 

If they are already familiar with your brand and have shown interest in the sale, the chance of them buying something improves significantly.

Not only that, but you are also getting a better chance to create more relationships with your potential customers. 

Encourage them to share the email with their friends by offering buddy incentives. Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Run a Giveaway on Social Media

420 promo pre-rolls

Social media is always a great way to promote your cannabis promotional products. Dispensaries are often too quick to go for the paid ad route when there’s a much easier and more effective way to get in front of many eyes.

The truth is, what will get people in your store for a 420 event is generating excitement and buzz so people want to engage.

If you get people engaging on social media, it's like wildfire for the algorithm. Suddenly, your posts will start getting shown to more and more people.

A great way to generate that buzz is to offer a giveaway through social media and have requirements in order to win the giveaway.

State that the only way to win cannabis promotional products is to like the post share it on their feed, and comment.

This will cause your post to gain traction and show that you are creating content people care about. 

The trick, though, is to offer a really lucrative giveaway. Offer 420 promotional products that your potential customers desire and think are special.

By investing in this giveaway, you could be turning a ton of new eyes toward your store and building up momentum.

Promoting Your Dispensary on 420

Before the big day arrives, make sure you do everything you can to drum up more buzz and anticipation for your store. Offer big sales and giveaways on social media and set up an email series for your list. If you plan in advance and set up the right cannabis promotional products, you could turn this day into your biggest yet. Contact us if you need any help stocking your shelves for the big day or want more 420 ideas for dispensaries.