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  • Ultra Fine French White Paper
  • FSC certified food grade safe
  • 900 rolling paper cones in each box
  • 26mm filter tip
  • Cut exactly to 84mm length
  • 1/2g

A medium-sized product, these 84mm smoking cones are ready to fill. They are the perfect length for a relaxing evening or a break in the afternoon. With your best dispensary weed inside and bright French white paper on the outside, your custom brand will make maximum impact! They are easy to fill manually or with standard filling machines

Slow And Even Burning

Finely crafted French white paper is one of the thinnest wraps available for rolling paper cones and joint tubes. Lightweight and delicate, French white paper burns cleanly and evenly, and is designed to eliminate unpleasant tastes. It blends well with hemp, cannabis, and other smoking blends. Like our Himalayan Tan and hemp paper pre rolled cones, the gumline on each French white 84mm pre roll cone is minimal and always secure. 

No Middle Man, No Markup

The Cones Factory provides high-quality, sustainably made products that meet the rigorous demands of modern consumers and the health standards of Canada. We provide factory-direct pricing and bulk shipping. If you ever have a question about a rolling cone, the paper we use, or anything else concerning our products or our private labeling and packaging services, contact us for friendly customer support. 


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sizes of pre roll cones?

The Cones Factory carries 70mm, 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm cones, measured by length. We can make custom cones in different sizes. Each size varies in the amount of cannabis it contains and smokes differently with shorter cones designed for quick interludes and longer products intended for a more intense cannabis experience and sharing with friends. 

What size cones do dispensaries use?

The 84mm pre roll cone is a common size found in most dispensaries. Vendors, including farms, dispensaries, and cannabis processors, will typically use rolling cone lengths, paper type, and filter styles that are popular or maximize profits. The size may be dictated by what their filling machines can handle, but they don’t have to limit themselves to any particular size. 

What’s the difference between a French White paper and brown paper?

The wood pulp used to make French white paper is highly processed and meticulously crafted to eliminate unpleasant chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are a natural part of the wood and contribute unwanted flavors when burned. The result is an ultra-thin, food-safe, and clean-tasting product that is perfect for rolling papers, cones, and joints. 

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