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Like any product you spend your hard-earned money on, your pre rolls represent an investment. Whether it’s three pre rolls or 300, good storage practices can help protect your investment. This article discusses pre roll cones and joint storage, how to save joints and half-burnt cones for later, and more. 

The Enemies of Pre Roll Storage

As soon as flower is ready for sale it begins to lose potency. It loses strength faster when exposed to air, rough handling, high temperatures, drying out, and microorganisms like mold and bacteria. Some pests like mice and ants will eat cannabis if conditions are right. These are the enemies to defeat when storing pre rolled cones, and your efforts will determine how long a joint is good for in your container.

Tips For Containers

Your container choice is important. Most containers with hard sides and a lid you can seal are good for pre roll storage, but some are not, and here are some tips for selecting the best container and more.

Tip #1 – Rigid, Airtight Containers Work Best

Hard-walled, airtight containers made of rigid plastic, metal, or glass will protect your pre rolls best from physical damage, spilled liquids, and oxygen that can degrade flower quality over time. Some pests will eat joints in storage, especially rats, mice, and other rodents, so if that is a danger in your area make sure your container is made out of glass or metal to stop them from chewing through it. 

Tip #2 - Control Moisture And Humidity In The Container

The relative humidity inside your container should be 59%-63% so your pre rolls can maintain a moisture content of 9% to 11%. You may wonder how to save joints for later in a way that lets you control these factors without resorting to expensive humidores or constant monitoring. The answer is humidity packs.

Cannabis humidity packs help maintain moisture content in an enclosed space. They may increase the time for how long a single joint is good for, and do the same for larger quantities, but should not be used longer than recommended. 

Most people who stash a handful of pre rolls don’t bother worrying about humidity, but unpredictable things can happen in storage. Joints and pre rolls can get moldy or desiccated for different reasons. The good news is you may be able to save them.

Tip #3 – Saving Damaged Cones

Any filled rolling cone, joint, or blunt that has mold on it cannot be saved, so throw them out. Pre rolls that are too dry might be saved by putting them in a bag with a humidity pack overnight, or a small piece of lettuce or lemon peel.

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More Tips To Aid With Storage

The following tips can help to make storage safer and more effective. The more tips you follow, the better your cone and joint storage efforts will be.

Tip #4 – Stifle Odors To Prevent Unnecessary Attention

When you smoke cannabis the odor can be very pungent, and sometimes you don’t finish the whole cone or joint. This leads to a couple of common questions like how to save a half-burned joint for later without stinking up your clothes or home, and how long is a partly burned joint good for anyway?

A partially burned joint

For saving roaches, you can use the tubes sold with single pre rolls, or a similar container. This will help protect your clothes. At home, put this container in an airtight container with a deodorant dryer sheet. 

Don’t expect half-burnt joints to last more than a few days before they taste off, unless you take special precautions like freezing, for example.

For odor-free storage of fresh joints and pre rolls, dryer sheets are not a good option because flower can absorb the smell and taste of the chemicals in the sheet. Use an odor-proof bag instead. These bags have multiple layers of charcoal and other materials that absorb odors. 

Tip #5 – Use Your Freezer

If you are wondering how to save a good joint for months later, or longer, freezing is the answer. bet. Pre rolls stored in an airtight container that is frozen may last up to two years. If you don’t have access to a freezer, keep the container where the temperature is cool and stable, from 60°-70° F. The cooler and more stable the better.

Tip #6 – Block The Light

Light can degrade cannabis. Pre rolls and joints are susceptible to light damage even if the flower is covered by rolling paper, so keep your stash concealed. If your airtight container has clear sides, put it in a box, bag, or drawer that will block the light. 

Tip #7 – Protect From Vibration And Rough Handling

Pre rolls and joints in storage should not be subjected to vibration because it can knock off trichomes and break pre rolls apart. Avoid these problems by keeping your hard-sided, airtight, opaque, odor-proof, and humidity-controlled container in a low-traffic or no-traffic area away from loud music.

Store Them Like You Care

Hopefully, we’ve removed any mystery you may have had about how to save a joint for later, or how long a joint is good for under certain conditions. Whatever kind of joints, blunts, or pre rolls you buy or make, if you treat them with care and follow these tips you’ll be able to store them longer and more effectively.

Give your pre rolls their best chance with our cones and pre roll joint tubes. Our quality cones won’t let you down, whether you plan to smoke now or store your joints for later. Contact us for more information about our sustainable pre roll products, private labeling services, and premium cannabis packaging solutions today!

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