perfect hand made blunt

Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or new to the cannabis game, a blunt is one of the most enjoyable ways to smoke your herb. It consists of a loose tobacco leaf or flavored blunt wrap filled with cannabis. However, unless you’re a pro, rolling up the perfect blunt is a whole other story. If you aren’t sure about what you’re doing, it can ruin the entire experience. An unskilled toker might fumble around with the blunt wrap, cut themselves trying to prep the leaf, lose a bunch of herb because it fell out while they were rolling it, or finally get it rolled up just to end up with a soft, flabby blunt. Yikes. 

Blunt cones take most of the mastery out of the equation. Instead of rolling up a blunt from scratch, they make it quick and easy. You just prep your herb, drop it into the blunt cone, seal it, and enjoy. While it’s much easier than rolling up a blunt the old-fashioned way, packing the perfect blunt might take a little trial and error at first — especially if you aren’t used to using a blunt cone. Don’t worry though — we got you.

Man holding sealed blunt cone

Here are some pointers for how to pack a blunt impeccably:

  • Prep Your Herb

First things first, you have to grind your cannabis. You can do this by breaking it up by hand, but a grinder breaks down your herb as finely as possible (much better than our fingers can). The smaller the pieces, the easier it will be to pack your blunt cone. Make sure you use a sufficient amount of bud to pack the blunt cone tightly. Otherwise, you will end up with a loose cone which will make for a very unpleasant toke sesh. When you’re done grinding it all up, set it aside and pick out any stems to make for the perfect blunt-smoking experience.

man grinding up cannabis
  • Fill Up Your Blunt Cone

Once you’ve prepped your bud, it’s time to fill the cone. It is as easy as picking up the pieces of marijuana and dropping it into your cone. You can use your finger or tweezers — whatever is more comfortable for you. 

A pro-tip for filling up your blunt cone with no fall-out: lay your ground-up bud on the center of a piece of paper, fold it in half, and hold the fold over the top of the blunt cone — the herb will fall perfectly into the opening. Be sure not to grip the filter too hard while you’re holding the blunt cone or you might ruin it. 

man packing blunt cone

  • Pack Your Blunt Cone

When you’ve filled up your blunt cone with all the herb you can, it’s time to pack it. You can do this with any long, slender item — a chopstick, the back of a pen or pencil, or a cone stuffer. When it comes to how to pack a blunt, there are 2 ways you can go about it: you can either fill up the cone first (like we did here) and pack it up at the end, or fill and pack as you go. With time, you’ll find your sweet spot and figure out which method you prefer. As you pack the cone, the herb will become more compact, so be sure to add a little more as needed to prevent a flabby cone.

hand displaying perfect blunt

  • Seal Your Blunt Cone

Now that you’ve packed your perfect blunt, you need to seal it properly so you can enjoy it. First, make sure the top of the cone has a little room for you to twist it closed. If not, you may have overfilled your cone. If you find you have too much room at the top but don’t have any more herb, you can sprinkle in a pinch of kief (from your grinder chamber) to the top for some extra flavor and added psychedelic effect. Otherwise, trim it down to size. Once you’ve got that part sorted, twist the top of the cone as tightly as you can. After that, you’re all set. 

man smoking perfect blunt

  • Spark Up & Enjoy

Voila! Admire the beauty of your quintessential bluntski, find a relaxing spot, and light it up. Enjoy it solo or puff, puff, pass with some friends. 

We promise that once you start using blunt cones, your blunts will never be the same. Your days of cracking your tobacco leaf the wrong way, losing bud in the crevices of your workspace, and loose, saggy spliffys are but a distant memory. 

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