The Rise of the CBD Hemp Cigarette

The use of hemp paper for smoking is consistently increasing. A cleaner, smoother taste and less paper smoke to inhale — why wouldn’t you choose hemp for your roll? CBD hemp cigarettes from The Cones Factory are 100% tobacco-free. We produce them with naturally grown flower. As far as CBD content, each contains between 80-100mg. And, of course, there are no additives in this product, or others we create.

All-Natural Cigarettes

Kick your tobacco habit with a tobacco-free CBD hemp cigarette. Our cigarettes only contain naturally grown CBD hemp flower, but look just like the real thing. You’ll have a smooth experience every time thanks to the filter tip. Plus, you don’t need to worry about getting addicted like you would with tobacco cigarettes. 

Unlike normal cigarettes that add in harmful chemicals and addictive substances, our CBD hemp cigarettes are all-natural. Our hemp cigarettes are legal and they contain less than 0.3% of THC so you don’t have to worry about them affecting your mental well-being. They are a great way to substitute your cigarette habit with a better alternative.

If you’re wondering if CBD hemp cigarettes are legal then you can rest easy. In 2018, the US made it 100% legal to smoke them.

Miss smoking tobacco? Try this!

CBD Hemp Cigarettes are the perfect alternative to smoking regular tobacco filled cigarettes. Without all the harmful substances, you can smoke these without fear of getting addicted. They give you the sensation of taking a drag from a cigarette that most people miss when vaping. 

Because the THC levels are so low in CBD hemp cigarettes, you won’t experience psychoactive effects from smoking them. People who hand-roll their cigarettes to avoid many of the harmful substances will be grateful they don’t have to put in the manual labor, because these are pre rolled.

Each pack comes with 20 pre rolled CBD hemp cigarettes, each with a filter on the end, providing a smooth but effective alternative to regular tobacco filled cigarettes.

Why Choose The Cones Factory?

The Cones Factory has been helping businesses get their pre roll products since 2016 and has become the premier manufacturer and distributor of pre rolled cones and packaging solutions for dispensaries, growers, and processors of cannabis products.

As a direct manufacturer, we are able to control our entire process and ensure you get the highest-quality products due to our 3-tier quality control protocols. You can also enjoy industry low pricing, extremely fast turnaround times, and low minimum order requirements.

Not only can we produce high-quality products immediately available for resale, we can also customize any order you make at The Cones Factory. From pre rolled cones to pre rolled tubes to custom packaging, we can increase your brand awareness by designing your products specifically for you.

Get started today with The Cones Factory and experience top-notch customer service to get your customers the products they need.

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