Hemp plant for healthy rolling papers

With all the different types of rolling papers available these days, it's hard to determine which ones are the healthiest rolling papers and which ones just have good marketing. That’s why we are breaking down exactly what hemp papers are and if they are actually healthier than smoking other types of paper. 

What Is Hemp?

Hemp has been around for more than 10,000 years and has been used for a variety of reasons including paper, clothing, textiles, rope, and building materials. 

According to MIT, hemp paper was actually the first paper to be created in 150 BC.

The hemp plant is different from a marijuana plant because it contains very low trace amounts of THC. These amounts are too low for anyone to experience psychoactive effects, so hemp is approved by federal law and is legal to use.

Hemp produces higher amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of CBD on the market. Although, when rolling paper manufacturers use hemp as their paper, it does not contain any CBD.

Hemp papers are made from the fibrous stalks of the plant which don’t actually contain any CBD, so smoking them will not get you high or have other side effects. These fibrous stalks are called “bast fibers.”

The bast fibers are essentially split into three categories: primary, secondary, and tow. Each category has a different cell strength and cell wall thickness. These determine the fiber’s strength, durability, and what it can be used for. 

Is Hemp Healthy to Smoke?

Person rolling a hemp rolling paper

Originally, rolling papers were made from corn husks because of their fibrous content. Today, we use the fibrous content of the hemp plant instead but just because they are naturally derived doesn’t mean they are healthy for us. 

According to the American Lung Association, inhaling smoke of any kind is going to be bad for your lungs and your health. 

When you use hemp paper for your rolling papers, it is still getting burned at the end of the day and causing carbon and ash to go into your lungs. 

In this respect, it is no healthier of an option than traditional wood pulp based papers that are used for regular cigarettes and some rolling papers. 

Although hemp paper itself is not any healthier to smoke than bleached white paper or beige natural fiber papers, the additives that some companies use can be more or less healthy. 

This includes added dye, chalks, flavorings, and other materials that a company will use to make their product more appealing but less healthy. 

What Are the Healthiest Rolling Papers?

If you decide to stick with hemp for personal reasons, these are some of the healthiest rolling papers that do a better job than others of providing a healthier option.

RAW Organic Hemp Papers - You might have heard of this brand as they are one of the largest in the industry for producing rolling papers of any kind. Their reputable brand should put you at ease for the quality of their products. Their organic hemp papers contain no dyes or chalks for the healthiest drag possible.

Vibes Hemp Cones - If you have trouble rolling your papers or ripping them while trying to get your smoke session going, Vibes Hemp Cones pre rolled hemp papers are the way to go. All the hard work is done for you so all you have to do is fill them up with up to 1 gram of flower. 

Hemp ZigZag Organic Papers - The eco-conscious smoker will enjoy these healthier rolling papers from ZigZag, another staple in the rolling paper industry. Made with unbleached, ultra-thin paper, these provide a smoother hit compared to some of its competitors. They use 100% renewable hemp fibers so you don’t have to worry about the environment on your smoke break.

Pure Unbleached Single Wide Papers - Offering a variety of sizes, these unbleached single wide healthier rolling papers are also chlorine-free, meaning your drags will be easy on the lungs. You can even pick from a variety of sizes depending on how much flower you want to put in each. 

Bambu Organic Hemp King Size Papers - Bambu uses 100% organic hemp with their healthier rolling papers and even includes a quality assurance starter sheet with every booklet you purchase. A box will come with 50 king size booklet rolling papers. 

Are Hemp Rolling Papers Healthy?

The short answer is no, they aren’t healthy to smoke. That’s because burning any kind of paper releases carbon and ash into your lungs which can have long-term effects. What makes hemp papers healthier than other options is when you aren’t treated with harmful chemicals. Try to find hemp papers that aren’t treated with additives so you can have the healthiest session possible.