Custom Cones Ordering Guide

Ordering custom Pre Rolled Cones - All you need to know


We know the hassles with starting off and specially building your own brand. Like many other industries, cannabis industry is no different. In case you’re wondering what is required of you to come up with your own line of pre rolls, then you can definitely start looking at the below mentioned pointers to begin with.


As a first step before placing your first order for the cones, you should gather as much info as possible on the below mentioned lines-


Quantity or Minimum Order

Pre Rolled Paper Types & Filter Types

Pre Rolled Cone Length & Dimensions

Turnaround Time

Shipping options



Quantity or Minimum Order – If you’re looking for a reliable cone supplier, it is extremely important to know about their Minimum Order Quantities (or MOQ) before placing an order. Generally, most of the cone suppliers would want you to order atleast 10,000 (10K) cones and that is no surprise as this figure becomes economically feasible for most of the suppliers. However, as per Akshaan George, Director of Sales at The Cones Factory – “We are already doing as low as 800 cones for the some of our customers. The key lies in our ability to churn out the low quantities for those customers looking to start their brand. And since, we are a direct manufacturer, we are offering this flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere”, he says.


So, even if you’re starting off on low budgets, it is definitely possible for you to come with branded cones instead of using generic brands. This is not only going to help in building your brand in the longer run but the costs offered by supplier such as The Cones Factory are very competitive even if compared with the unbranded cones.


Pre Rolled Paper Types- Choosing the paper type is as critical as anything that you would do. Not only, the paper should burn smoothly but evenly too.

With its origins in Southern France & Spain, most of the top-quality papers are being manufactured in Europe nowadays. However, there are paper manufacturers across the globe and some of them located in countries such as China, the paper quality is something that is not consistent. Some customers can even tell the difference just by smoking if the paper is from Europe or not.

At The Cones Factory, all the papers are procured from one of the most renowned paper mills located in the beautiful Southern France. Furthermore, the 100% Hemp variety is made exclusively from organic certified hemp pulp. The other two variants are French White and the Unbleached Tan which are made out of pure Wood-pulp. Additionally, there are options of coloured papers such as pink, blue etc.

 Whatever paper option(s) you opt for, it should definitely resonate with the brand appeal.

 Paper used in making filters is also of paramount importance because that’s the part which comes in contact when the pre rolls get consumed. And it goes without saying that the papers should be food grade and free from any heavy metals and pesticides.

Pre Rolled Cone Length & Dimensions- The most commonly used cones are King Size cones which are usually 109mm in length. Other popular sizes are 84mm also known as one and a quarter size (1 ¼ size) and 98mm (Reefer Style). 84mm standard cones & 98mm reefer cones usually make really good half gram joints.

As per the dimeter of the top, which is usually around 12.5mm for the 109mm cones and can vary as per the cone size. The Cones Factory specializes in doing cones as per the custom requirements and any size or dimension is doable as per the specifications. “ We’ve made cones as small as 40mm and have gone on to produce biggies such as 280mm long cones. So size is not a constraint at all” as per one of the team members from the production team at The Cones Factory.

Turnaround times- The lead time is what discourages most of the customers to place an order. The usual lead times have been anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks which is very high even after considering the fact that the cones are manufactured in distant countries such as Indonesia & India.

As per The Cones Factory team, the company offers an unrivalled production time of 3 weeks for any and all custom projects which is by far the quickest in industry.

The lead times are definitely to be kept in consideration before placing any order for the custom pre rolled cones.

Shipping options- When it comes to shipping, the biggest dilemma is to choose between Air shipping vs Ocean Freight. 

While each shipping method comes with its own pros and cons there are few things worth noting before committing to either of the options.

Cost & Speed: Air-shipping is way quicker at 1-2 weeks transit time but is usually more expensive. Ocean-shipping is slower with times closer to 3-4 weeks, but it is generally cheaper.

Most of the customers usually prefer air shipping for cones due to the low transit times but some customers go for Sea Shipping especially for bigger orders ranging from 1 Million Cones and above.

 Goods Safety: One of the additional advantages with air shipping is that the probability of goods getting damaged is way less since the touch points are fewer as compared with Ocean shipping. Also, the number of stops taken on the way are also less, making air shipping a favourable choice in this regard.

Reliability: Although air freight shipping has a much shorter history than ocean freight shipping, air freight tends to win the battle of reliability. Flights get delayed by weather and other factors, but airlines tend to be very on top of their schedules. Ocean carriers are notorious for being bad about this. It is not uncommon for ships to be off schedule. For many, a day or two here or there doesn’t hurt; however, for many businesses, a day or two could have serious cost effects.

It is our constant endeavour hear at The Cones Factory to help business develop and expand their pre roll brand. We also offer limitless branding options for cones including options for external branding, hemp wraps, coloured papers etc. 

If you have any further questions about pre rolled cones, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you already purchase custom branded cones, but are looking for better pricing, we give price beat guarantee - just send them over! We are excited to help you start or expand your line of pre rolls.