The Tulip Joint

The Tulip Joint


Do you want to bring the coolest joint to the party? The Dutch tulip joint is definitely for sharing unless you’re in the mood for getting super stoned alone. As cool as this crazy joint looks, it’s actually not that difficult to roll. How good are your origami skills?

The Dutch tulip joint doesn’t require any fancy materials. But you should have a full pack of king size papers just in case it doesn’t go right the first time. You might waste some papers here, but nothing you can’t afford to lose for the sake of rolling this joint.

What you’re going to need:

– Some ground up weed
– A packet of king size rolling papers (you won’t use the whole pack, hopefully)
– A filter tip
– Something to press the weed down with, such as a pen.
– Something to mold the tulip with, such as a pencil.


Get Rolling!


Now, let’s get down to business. When it comes to flower joints, this is probably one of the easier ones to roll. There’s nothing involved that you don’t already know how to do, provided you know how to roll a joint already. It’s just the assembly that’s different.

Start by rolling a filter tip and then rolling a regular pencil joint. Don’t make it too cone shaped. Press the buds down with the end of a pen, but don’t twist the top of the joint.

Next, stick three long papers together length way. Fold in one corner, all the way to the edge of the glue strip. Then lick the glue strip and fold it down to create a cone shape.

Use your finger or the pen to open up the cone and start filling it. You can put a pencil in there to help you mold the tulip shape. Fill it until you get a nice bulb looking shape. Twist the paper around the pencil.

Now cut the excess paper off your first joint and replace the mold with the joint. You should have something that resembles a tulip right now!

Wrap it with extra glue strips from other papers and enjoy the look and feel of your Dutch tulip joint.

This joint smokes great, but be aware, there’s probably a lot of weed in there. That bulb is carrying some more bud than most of us are smoking alone. So when you’re done rolling it, take it over to a friends house and enjoy it together.