World of pre rolled cones!

Welcome to the world of pre rolled cones!


For those new to smoking, smoking cannabis in particular, this post would be of great interest to you all as we talk about joints, pre rolled cones and the current fad!


Where Did the Joint Originate?


While cannabis has been used globally for thousands of years, using weed in joint form can be traced back to the Americas in the late 1800s.


Back then, joints allowed recreational users to mix marijuana with tobacco, better known here in the U.S. as a spiff, while also allowing medical practitioners at the time to combine marijuana with other known drugs to treat certain conditions.


Due to the joint’s popularity amongst the conquered peoples of the Americas and the Caribbean, propaganda quickly began to spread in the early 1900s, which led to the federal government outlawing of the possession and sale of cannabis in 1937.


What’s a Pre Rolled Joint?

Joints are easy and quick to prepare for most smokers, but most smokers these days are opting for the pre rolled joints for the sheer convenience.


Pre rolls (or pre rolled marijuana cigarettes) are a burgeoning product within the cannabis industry, with more and more dispensaries pre packaging joints for sale.


Brands entirely devoted to the creation of pre rolls have even begun to spring up, with their main value proposition to consumers being ease and convenience, since rolling joints yourself requires time, skill, and all the right materials, which are often sold separately.


How Pre Rolls Are Made

Pre rolls are typically prepared using the “shake” or leftovers from cannabis nugs that budtenders work with, ensuring that dispensaries maximize every bit of their inventory.


This shake is often collected from the bottom of jars and/or any other areas where small flakes or crumbs can be gathered and loaded into pre rolled papers or cones.


Once gathered, the shake is funneled into several rolling papers or cones, then rolled by hand or by a pre roll machine to be sold individually or in packets.


Pre rolled joints can be a very convenient and time-saving option since users don’t have to grind their weed, buy their own papers and roll their own joints. Packages of 6 to 20 joints make them easy to share with fellow smokers.


Rolling Papers vs. Cones


Rolling papers are small, thin sheets that allow individuals to roll their own joints. Most rolling papers come in lengths of 70mm to 110mm with varying widths.


For some, using rolling papers is time-consuming and can also be subject to poor roll quality (rolling too tight or too loose), which can interfere with the consistency of the joint. For others, rolling can be preferable due to control over the amount of cannabis they’d like to use.



Pre rolled cones are a great way to roll a nice, smooth joint. Cones may be a bit more expensive than papers, but they can save lots of time and frustration for those who aren’t comfortable hand-rolling their own joints.


A cone is rolled by evenly packing the bud into the mouth of the cone, then twisting its wide ends to seal it up. Cones are usually made from hemp, organic materials or flax paper. Cone filling machines are also available for commercial or personal use to simplify the process.


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