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100% Organic Hemp Pre Rolls

  • 98 mm pre rolls with 26 mm filter
  • 100% organic hemp and wood pulp
  • 800 cones per box
  • FSC-certified food-grade paper

Our organic hemp pre rolls hit the spot with the highest quality organic certified hemp pulp developed and produced in France. The organic hemp and wood pulp blend makes these rolling cones ideal for a smooth, flavorful hit. Give your customers that high-class experience with our food-grade quality pre roll hemp cones without paying a premium price. 

Elevate Your Customer Experience

The best smoke experience is in the details. That’s why we select only the highest quality paper for our organic hemp pre rolls, shipping it directly from France. Our hemp cones and blunt paper are 100% certified organic, food-grade, and sustainably produced to ensure a quality experience from start to finish. Plus, you can add your own details to each quality cone with custom pre roll packaging available in less than four weeks.

Consistent Quality from The Cones Factory

No matter what product you choose, we guarantee consistent quality. All of our pre rolled cones and blunts are backed by a 3-tier quality testing protocol and made with our proprietary semi-automatic system. That means you know each of our pre rolled hemp cones will deliver the same elevated experience every time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of testing do you do to ensure quality for your organic hemp pre rolls?

As with all our products, our pre rolled hemp cones undergo rigorous testing. Each is quality and food-grade certified, and we have an FSC certification to verify that all our materials are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Also, each of our products is above and beyond compliance with the latest California Law and Health Canada regulations, ensuring they are free from heavy metals and pesticides.

What makes organic hemp pre rolls a good choice for rolling papers?

The benefits of hemp pre rolled papers are numerous. The first is that they are affordable, convenient, and easily customizable. Another benefit is the hemp paper. Hemp paper burns slower, has what many consider a pleasing taste, and is a healthier alternative to other rolling paper options.

What type of pre roll filling system can I use with the 98 mm pre rolled hemp cones?

These hemp pre rolls fit in all standard pre roll filling systems, including Rocketbox, Thumper, and Knockbox, among others. If you’re looking for a new system for your shop, check out our cone filling systems.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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