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  • 0.5 grams
  • 100% natural hemp pulp
  • Certified organic
  • FSC certified food grade safe
  • 900 cones in each box
  • 84mm total length
  • 10.8mm diameter (wide end)

Our hemp wraps are the perfect companion for quality cannabis flower and other smoking mixtures, and 84mm cones and joints are in high demand. They contain enough flower to provide a satisfying smoking experience, and hemp paper is strong enough for making infused pre rolls with hash or kief. They have an internal filter, mild taste, and scent, and burn slowly and evenly.

Hemp For Your Best Flower

Hemp may be one of the best materials you can use for rolling papers and pre rolled cones. It is thin, lightweight, and strong. These cones will hold up to hand-filling and machine-filling with equal ease and they are manufactured sustainably. We have many different all-natural hemp wraps in all standard sizes, including pre roll joint tubes and blunt tubes. 

Excellent Prices, Excellent Service

The Cones Factory specializes in quality products that make pre roll production faster and easier for dispensaries, farms, and individual smokers. We provide factory-direct pricing, fast lead times, and professional customer service. We can help you expand your customer base with custom-labeled cones and blunts that may increase brand awareness. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and our products, or to explore custom packaging solutions. 


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hemp a good material for blunts?

It depends on personal preference. Some smokers find the tobacco content of traditionally rolled blunts to be harsh, and the mild taste of hemp may help to temper this flavor and make it smoother. Our hemp blunt wraps hold up to two grams and are intended for experienced cannabis smokers. 

What is the most popular pre roll size?

Judging by dispensary sales, including hemp-wrapped products, one-gram pre rolls seem to be the most popular, and account for around 60% of all pre roll sales. Half-gram pre rolls like our 84mm cones shown here appear to be the second most popular size, with around 40% of sales. Make sure to give your customers what they want, and buy a few boxes of our 84mm pre roll cones today!

Can you get less high from a hemp paper cone because of CBDs?

Absolutely not. While hemp paper can contain a trace amount of THC (not enough to have a psychoactive effect), there is no CBD in hemp paper. However, there are many ways to treat hemp-wrapped cones with CBD oil, hash oil, and concentrates to make special cones, joints, and blunts with enhanced effects.

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